Stuart Weitzman Highland Boot for less

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Can I be really honest for a second? This post isn’t coming from a good place. It’s coming from a place of judgement, resentment and jealousy. Lately, fashion bloggers have been posting pictures of themselves in this Stuart Weitzman over the knee boot, like its something you would pick up on a whim from Target, along with toilet paper and pumpkin spiced latte flavored candy corn. (That’s actually a thing, by the way.)

See, I don’t really get over the knee boots. You can’t really wear them with pants. And if you need boots then it’s probably too cold for skirts, right? And besides, I think they kind of make me look like a hooker. And not even a good hooker. But, like an old hooker that probably does stuff for not a lot of money.

According to people who are younger than me and don’t have to worry about things like braces and college and having their grown sons living in the basement for their forseeable future, it’s totally practical to drop $800 for a pair of boots (in all three colors! Insert emoji here!)

But, if you want to partake in this season’s “it shoe” without needing to find yourself a Richard Gere, I think this alternative┬áprobably fulfill that dream.

And you won’t have to do stuff for not a lot of money in order to pay for them.

Left: Stuart Weitzman, $800 Right: Chinese Laundry, $89.95
Left: Stuart Weitzman, $800
Right: Chinese Laundry, $89.95



2 thoughts on “Stuart Weitzman Highland Boot for less

  1. shanna

    And this is why you’re the only fashion blogger I pay attention to.

  2. Amy

    Amen. Even in the mild climates of California, this should be a no.

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