Nashville outfits from Til the Pain Outwears the Shame

juliette barnes purple dress nashville
Juliette’s purple print dress on Kelly and Michael: Anna Sui

Well, I just finished watching Nashville and if there’s one thing we can all take away, it’s that Juliette Barnes is a hell of an actress. After being on the road for 5 weeks and not calling, texting or emailing her husband and new baby, she managed to get back into their good graces just in time for a primo photo opp.

Before you go polishing off the old Oscar, the award for best supporting husband goes to Avery Barnes for his role as the doormat. You see, even after ditching her family and throwing a rager in their house the first night back, Juliette still managed to get Avery to take her back within an hour.

Seriously? My husband once left a knife in the sink and I gave him the silent treatment for three days.

Even after all that, Juliette decided to ditch her husband, baby and family plan with Verizon for a new iPhone 6 and a boozy private jet, once again taking her act solo.

In related news, I just realized Highway 65 is the of record labels. (Google it.)

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Juliette's black mesh performance dress: Balmain
Juliette’s black mesh performance dress: Balmain
Rayna’s geometric dress: Gucci

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