I can read your mind: Introducing Totally Love This



You know what would be awesome?  If everything in life was like that “May we also recommend” feature at the bottom of Amazon. So that every time you fell in love with a shirt but it was sold out, or you were obsessed with a body lotion that was out of stock, or you were sick of kale and wanted to know the next “it” vegetable, it was all in one place?

Well, now it sort of is.


I’m excited to introduce you guys to “Totally Love This” a new instagram account that helps you discover new things you don’t know about, based on the stuff you already really like. So whether it’s finding that dress that’s out of your budget, or a grown up version of those braided barrettes you loved as a kid, we’ve got you covered.

Want to get started? Head over to instagram and give us a follow. Then if you have something you love and want to know what’s next for you, hit us up at totallylovethisidea@gmail.com. Have you discovered something totally cool that you want everyone to know about? We’re all ears.

One thought on “I can read your mind: Introducing Totally Love This

  1. Liz

    Can you make your instagram photos larger? Really hard to see when the photos are so small.
    Thank you!!

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