Expert Advice: How to Undo Summer Damage


Admit it. How many times over the past few months have you used summer to justify your bad habits? Whether you’ve indulged in too much booze, junk food or sun, summer can wreak havoc on your skin, hair and waistline.

Believe me. I know.

I found myself double fisting slutty brownies last week because, summer, you know? And then I checked the calendar (right after I undid the top button on my jeans) and realized that today is actually October, and high time to jumpstart some healthy habits I’d let go by the wayside in defense of the warm weather.

In order to get myself back on track, I enlisted the help of my own glamsquad. People who know everything about everything when it comes to hair, beauty, skin, diet and exercise and asked them to divulge one easy way to undo all the shit you did to yourself over the past three months.


Hair: If you have read Possessionista for any extended period of time than you know I’m obsessed with my hair, but chlorine and sun exposure left my ends fried and my hair drab. In addition to a much overdo haircut, celebrity hair stylist SunnieBrook Jones suggests using a clear gloss to replace amino acids in the hair and revive the shine and close down cuticle of hair. You might not think of it, but Head & Shoulders isn’t just for dandruff. Their Damage Rescue formula will strengthen and actually rebuild the hair structure, so grab a bottle during your next Target run. (You know you’ll probably be there later today.) Feeling DIY-y? Jones reccommends putting coconut oil and warm water in a spray bottle as a daily leave in treatment applied to ends to repair and condition.


Left: Before Right: After using Lumixyl and the Skin Perfector

Skin: I’m a recent sunscreen convert, and have been able to undo years of sun damage thanks to regular microdermabrasion and photo facials. Even with my diligent sunscreen application, I’ll confess there’s a little bit of color on the face  these days –and a few returning sun spots for good measure. If you’ve ever had an IPL treatment then you know you can’t have another until you’ve lost  all your tan. Some bullshit excuse like skin damage and first degrees burns or whatever. In the meantime, a friend turned me onto Lumixyl, an at-home brightening system that actually works. For the price of one photo facial, The 4-step Lumixyl kit brightens and exfoliates that dead, dull skin. And as someone who needs instant gratification, I definitely saw results the first time I used it.


Skin, part 2: A few months ago I had a SilkPeel and was astounded by the results. When the Le Mieux Skin Perfecter tool arrived in the mail, I was skeptical. The 4-in-1 tool promises to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and absorb my serums using ultrasonic technology. To be honest,  I checked the box for the hidden fairy godmother. The tool is super simple, like a Clarisonic with a spatula on the end. But unlike a spinning brush, you press the tool to your damp face, and 28,000 waves per second create a fine mist, while gently exfoliating the topmost layer of dead skin on your face. It’s kinda gross, but it also does extractions so you can see the, er, production, but it’s pretty gratifying for those of us who are “pickers.” And it leaves no dark spots or scabbing.  Then you apply whatever serums or moisturizers you use, flip the tool over and use the flat side to infuse it into your (freshly) scrubbed face. At first use I thought it was bullshit. When I finished, my face was red and uneven, but in moments, I was transformed. In fact, I was glowing. It was as close to a professional facial at home that I’ve ever experienced. (They promise it works on fine lines too, but at only one use I can’t confirm it. Yet.)


Before and After using Food Fuels
Before and After using Food Fuels: Yep, that’s me 40 lbs ago

Diet: Man, have I fallen off the wagon. A french fry here. A tortilla chip there. A waffle cone with three scoops of coconut chocolate chip ice cream from Graeters? After a summer of yes, I needed to get my head back into a place of not as much. In the last year-and-a-half, I changed the way I eat (mostly) thanks to a guy named Aaron Boniecki who founded Food Fuels, a nutritional consulting program that uses food combining (and separating) to super charge weight loss. Food Fuels has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds (and keep it off) including me. So when I reached out to Aaron (after waking from a brownie-induced coma) asking for a way to get me back on track, he suggested this no-nonsense one-day fruit cleanse to get my system (and my head) back on track.

Meal 1 – create a fruit bowl using all berries. Serving size 3 cups of fruit.
Meal 2 – 1 large apple.
Meal 3 – create a fruit bowl using all berries. Serving size 3 cups of fruit.
Meal 4 – 1 large apple.
Meal 5 – create a fruit bowl using all berries. Serving size 3 cups of fruit.
Meal 6 – 1 Frozen Outshine popsicle bar.

According to Boniecki, “Most people think fruit is a bad carb. In all actuality, the opposite is true! The body processes fruit very rapidly. When this occurs the body rapidly processes fruit through your digestive tract then scavenges for your own body fat as fuel. So fruit is mother nature’s own multi vitamin antioxidant formula with fat burning properties! Follow this protocol for the day and you can even see a few pound drop in one day!”

Click here for more details about the Food Fuels nutritional program


Nails: Most of the summer, I’ve skipped my weekly manicure. I just couldn’t justify getting my nails polished just to screw them up at the park or pool, but it turns out sunscreen and chlorine are just as harsh on your nails as it is on your hair and skin. Whenever I have a beauty problem, I turn to my friend Emily Foley who literally knows everything about everything when it comes to beauty. And Emily suggests that you run, don’t walk and pick up Londontown KUR: Restorative Nail Cream. Unlike most hand creams, it’s made specifically to help repair the protein in your nails themselves. Massage this into your nails and cuticles every night, and your nails will start looking better before your eyes.

Got a tip or trick that’s helped you undo your summer of yes? Share it with us in the comments below.


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