Trend to Try: Blanket Sweaters

Blanket Sweaters

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If you’ve been to any store that sells clothes in the last month, you’ve probably noticed an influx of oversized, drapey cardigans that resemble your comforter. These blanket sweaters are everywhere from Barneys to Target (and to be honest, I can’t really tell the difference.)

On the one hand, I love the trend. After years of being given the sideeye by the fashion industry for wanting to wear my pajamas out of the house, we’re now being given permission to wear our quilts as outerwear.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

But then, on the other hand, have you actually thought about the logistics on this one? I mean, sure they’re comfy and cover up the extra 10lbs that our bodies hold onto during the cold weather months as insulation (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.) But they’re going to look seriously awkward peeking out from under our winter jackets and will be all kinds of uncomfortable shoving those dolman sleeves into our puffer coats.

Frankly, just thinking about it gives me such anxiety. I may just have to spend the day under the covers just dealing with the stress.

Here are some of my favorite blanket sweaters

even more Blanket Sweaters…


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