My favorite color…buffalo plaid


Despite what Pantone, Vogue and my mom have to say on the topic, my favorite color for fall has been and will always be buffalo. (The check, not the wings. Actually the check, and the wings.) There’s something so outwardly fall about a buffalo plaid shirt or jacket that conjures up the smell of burning leaves, football games and one too many red solo cups filled with mysterious red punch served out of a garbage can.

My favorite buffalo plaid shirt came from the men’s department of Old Navy years ago. It was hard to find that pattern on the women’s side, and on a college student budget, so I sauntered over to the XY part of the store and snagged myself one of my fave flannels of all time.

Since then, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of buffalo accessories – from scarves and hats to jackets and, yes, even that beloved flannel of yesteryear. (Aside: Old Navy totally doesnt make things the way they used to.)

This year, I’m delighted to see how many designers have created buffalo print for us broads – many still on a college student’s budget. (I’m personally eyeing the pants; which are your faves?)

check out more Buffalo Print and Check clothing here:

One thought on “My favorite color…buffalo plaid

  1. Deena

    I agree 800%. One can never have too much plaid. I love the pants and the dress and the tuque and the shirt…

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