Happy Creme de Menthe day


I’ll bet you didn’t know that today was National Creme de Menthe day.

And for that, you’re welcome.

I’ll bet some of you don’t even know what Creme de Menthe is. It’s that green liquor shit they put in grasshopper pie and Andes Candies to give it that amazing taste like toothpaste, in the best way possible.

It also happens to be one of my favorite colors. So, it’s a little ironic that the same day we’re celebrating this breath freshening booze is also one of the last times we can wear it.

Unless we spill it down on ourselves one cold winter’s night.  Hey, it could happen.


Anyway, a few shots in I started thinking, “why can’t we wear mint yearlong?” Maybe it’s the booze talking, but couldn’t mint actually be the gateway to winter white? Instead of closeting my favorite color for the season, I scouted out a few pieces in my favored shade that are totally cold-weather wearable.

Cheers to that, right?

Shop more winter mint here…

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