Found it: Something Navy’s Stella & Dot Look


Hello! Last time you IDed Catherine’s snakeskin skirt for me and I just wanted to thank you.. I nabbed it off eBay and love it. I saw this on stella and dot’s main page, but as they sell jewelry and not clothing, I would love to find this top. Thanks in advance! Lilian

I always feel weird IDing other bloggers on Possessionista. After all, isn’t that really their job? And also, why aren’t I on the front page of the Stella &Dot website?

Bitter, party of one, your Lean Cuisine is now ready. 

Rather than sit around and count all the reasons why I should have been a personal style blogger (and according to this report there are approximately 8-million) I reached out to my friends at Stella & Dot to track down this gray off-the-shoulder top (and had a great time checking out their latest collection which includes some feel-good pieces to benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation, finding a cure for breast cancer.)


One thought on “Found it: Something Navy’s Stella & Dot Look

  1. Lilian

    Surreal seeing this post come up in my feed, but thanks Dana! Looks like it’ll have to be another eBay find..

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