Found it on Facebook: Pussybow blouses

Chloe, $995


I’m not paying close to $1000 for this blouse, so can someone kindly direct me to the mid-level knock off? Thanks. – Courtney

It’s back-to-school time, and so, naturally, all my fashion-y friends’ thoughts turn to tweed, suede and long sleeves. (We’re nothing if not seasonably predictable.) And, as sure as the leaves turn brown and your facebook feed will be flooded with grinning children in front of the school bus (#FirstDayOfSchool) the pussy bow has returned.

Oh, what? You didn’t know that’s what that ladylike tie-neck thingamawhatchit that returns every few years is called? Well, class is in session for all of you, and professors Dolce, Chloe and Derek want you to be really comfortable with your pussy (bows.)

You know what I’m not comfortable with? Paying $1000 for a blouse that you’ll wear for one season and then put away for three. (I’ve had this one hanging in my closet since 2011.) Instead, here are some one-season tie neck blouses that will move you to the head of the class.

That’s all for now.

Class dismissed.

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