Found it on facebook: Green peplum tee

Peplum tee: The Great The
Peplum tee: The Great The

I’ve spent the majority of my morning searching for this top. I can’t find it anywhere and am getting desperate. HELP!! – Jillian

We all haveĀ that friend. You know, the one with the fabulous clothes who refuses to tell you where she got them. She’s like, “oh I can’t remember,” or “this is so old I have no idea.” Or “I cut the tags out, sorry.”

Okay, bullshit.

With very little exception, we all know where we got our clothes, or at least a rough aproximation (the mall, on vacation, from mom’s closet.) I’ll never understand people who hold their labels so close to their chest. I’m the kind of girl who screams with wild abandon, “Isn’t it great? I got it at TARGET!”

It’s hard enough keeping my internal monologue to myself.

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