The Beauty Bonehead: Terax Hair Care Crema and Keratin Conditioner

Left: Post Terax Crema conditioner; Right: Post log flume
Left: Post-Terax Crema conditioner; Right: Post log flume

In theory, I really, really want to get a Keratin treatment. But, in reality, I hate the smell, I don’t have the patience to sit through it, and it’s really expensive for how often I need to have it redone. So, instead of having the Keratin treatment, I’ve been guinea pigging my hair in search of a miracle treatment that’s faster, cheaper that I can do at home.

As the Beauty Bonehead, I get to try out all kinds of products in search of a miracle – or at the very least, a good hair day. This week I tried out Terax Hair Care Crema, which even has Keratin in its name, so I figured it was a step in the right frizz-free direction.

As you may recall, I recently experienced “The Luxury of Time” treatment by Kerastase. I loved how silky and manageable it made my hair (and I continue to use the products between procedures) but the two-hour process and $200 cost isn’t really an advantage over its Keratin-cousin (just a little less harsh, and a lot more frequent treatments.)

I decided to give Terax the ultimage challenge: Great America. I washed my hair per usual, conditioned with Terax and finished with their color correcting leave in conditioner.  Then I hit the bad tattoo capital of the world, to hit the coasters and test out my frizz-free hair.

There was a lot I loved about Terax. Like it promises on the bottle, my hair was soft, shiny and super easy to style. It didn’t take long to blow dry, and I didn’t need to go over it with a flat iron. Also, I can use it with any shampoo, and it’s a third of the price of my current conditioner. (Don’t judge me; good hair is a premium for moi.) I really like that the Crema conditioner (and all Terax products) are made in small batches and are sulfate and paraben free. Also its SmartKeratinTM technology leaves targeted deposits of keratin on only the most damaged area of the hair fiber, so my hair didn’t feel weighted down or heavy with product.

But it’s not a miracle. My sleek locks didn’t stick around through the log flume, so if you’re looking for hair that dries frizz-free, Keratin is still your best option (so far.)  But if you are looking for a less pricy hair product to make your hair soft, shiny and easy to style, check out this Terax keratin conditioner.

And, maybe, skip the log flume.

Terax Crema + Keratin Conditioner
Terax Crema + Keratin Conditioner

I received a sample of Terax Hair Care Crema + Keratin Conditioner in exchange for this review. Opinions (and hair) are all mine.



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