Closet Cleanout happening on Poshmark

Just a few of the latest additions to my Poshmark closet
Just a few of the latest additions to my Poshmark closet

Today turned out to be a crummy day. With the rain, the kids’ activities were cancelled and I had the option of laying in bed watching TV all day or being productive.

So, naturally, I binge watched UnReal and ate candy, because who am I?

Anyway, tonight I finally dragged my ass outta bed, long enough to grab the Cool Ranch and snap some pictures of clothes that I no longer wear because I’m committed to pajamas and Lifetime TV in the forseeable future, and put them on Poshmark so they can find a new home.

Planning on leaving your house any time soon? I’ve uploaded a ton of cute colored jeans by Current/Elliot, Free People sweaters, and the world’s best tee shirts by WILT, not to mention tons of other fun stuff that might look better on you than it ever did on me.

I mean, what does a fashionable couch potato to wear to watch three-hours of Bachelor satire besides sweatpants and an old Sorority tee shirt?

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