Beauty Bonehead: The SilkPeel Facial

My gorgeous grandmother and grandfather. He attributed his great skin to herring, scotch and the ladies.
My gorgeous grandmother and grandfather. He attributed his great skin to herring, scotch and the ladies.

My grandfather died at the age of 95 with a head full of hair and hardly a wrinkle. Everyone told me that I’d inherited both, and naturally I believed them. Anyway, it turns out I don’t have his skin; I have mine, which includes sun damage, dark spots and fine lines that I got all on my own because I spent the last 39 years thinking that I’m better than sunscreen and moisturizer.

Man, I’m a cocky asshole.

Let’s face it, this face didn’t happen overnight: years of laying in the sun, not washing my makeup off at night and picking my face (whatever, you do it too, stop judging) left me with a lot of damage and I knew I had some work to do. About four months ago I started researching skincare systems (I like this and this, but I’m not a doctor so ask your dermatologist what’s right for you) I commited to monthly microderm treatments and photofacials, I started using sunscreen religiously and, yes, for my 39th birthday I got Botox in my forehead. (And I’m happy to tell anyone who will listen about it because it really was one of the best things I’ve ever done.)

I’d been hearing a lot about this SilkPeel facial treatment being offered downtown. Touted as the “pre-Oscar facial,” that the Olsen Twins swear by, I wanted to see if I could really get immediate brightening, and hydrating.

Here’s the thing about facials; I’ve never had one. And I figured it was like when you’ve known someone for a while, but you can’t remember their name. At some point you’ve just waited too long, and now you can’t ask all the questions you want to ask so you just nod when you’re talking and pray that no one catches on. That’s how I am about facials. So, when I was invited to the Elysian Spa at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago to try out the Silk Peel treatment, I figured this was my opportunity to ask all the questions that I’ve been keeping to myself.

What is it?

SilkPeel is a kind of a vaccuum-y machine with a diamond head that gently sucks dead skin from your face while infusing a customized serum based on your skin type. Plus all that gunk it sucks up goes into a glass jar so you can see all the shit that’s making you look so ashy. Also, there’s a separate treatment for people with rosacea, who typically get turned away from facials because their skin is too sensitive.

What will it do?

Hydrate and brighten immediately.


Yes. Really.

How long does it last?

If your skin is really healthy to begin with, it could last up to two weeks. For someone with dry skin like me, results will start to fade around 7-10 days.

How often do I have to do it?

Probably once a month. You need to wait 14 days between treatments.

What does it cost?

$275 (yikes!) but for a special occasion like a wedding or family photo, it really does take years off your face. (And the right aesthetician can recommend a less expensive skincare regimine in between treatments.) I left the Elysian spa without a stitch of makeup and really did feel like I could be barefaced. (Maybe a little lipgloss wouldn’t kill me, though.)


I’ll admit it. I was skeptical, but the dark spots on my chin really are visibly lighter and my dark undereye circles were brighter. My skin feels softer than I’m used to, kind of the way I’d expect it to feel after I moisturize, but it never does. I would definitely get the SilkPeel facial before I appeared on camera or for a special night (like my 40th birthday.)

What do you think. Can you see a difference? 

no makeup, no filter, same lighting

For more information visit the SilkPeel website

I received the Silkpeel treatment gratis, but opinions are all mine and I was not required to review it in exchange for service.


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  1. Sandy

    Your grandparents are adorable!!!

    The facial sounds crazy how it sucks things out of your face… I’m curious how you feel about it after a week or two, and it makes me wish I had the money to try one… 😀

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