How else to use your flat iron


Forget about seeing the world through rose colored glasses. I want to look at the world through a rose colored flat iron. From the second I learned that GHD has a new rose gold flat iron, I knew my life – and subsequently hair – would revolve around this blush colored beauty.

The first week I owned it, I flat ironed my hair so shiny and sleek that Cher and Crystal Gayle both personally called me up asking me for tips*. But by day six, I was bored: both by my glossy, healthy tresses and by Cher’s incessant phone calls. (Seriously, if I could turn back time, I would have never given her my personal number.)

g-23I was obsessed with finding other ways to use my new GHD Rose Gold professional styler, so I turned to the expert: Google. Did you know that you can also use your flat iron to smooth wrinkled cuffs or dab weed? But since I neither iron nor smoke pot, I resorted to lipsyncing Taylor Swift songs into it. Unplugged, of course.

It was like Austin City Limits in my bathroom.


To be honest, you can only lipsync Blank Space into your flat iron so many times before you’re even sick of yourself, so when the time came, I paid a visit to Dora, Tina and Nicole the sisters behind Blowout Junkie – Chicago’s premiere blow dry bar – and begged them to teach me some other ways to style my hair with my new ghd Rose Gold Professional Styler. 

Here’s what I learned:

Soft Undone Beach Waves

  1. First, start with clean, wet hair and apply a heat protectant to it. At Blowout Junkie we prefer any of the Kerastase Thermique Heat Protectants. Then thoroughly dry hair.
  2. Next Spray a texturizing spray like (Spray A Porter by Kerastase) and lightly scrunch hair.
  3. Braid “1” sections of your hair leaving a “1/2” to a “1” unbraided toward the end.
  4. Run the ghd Rose Gold Professional Styler over the braid.
  5. Unravel each braid and reveal gorgeous texture!

curlSoft Loose Curls

  1. First, add a heat protectant (Kerastase Thermique) to clean, wet hair and thoroughly dry it.
  2. Next wrap a 1” section of hair around the ghd Rose Gold Professional Styler while you turn the iron away from your head.
  3. This motion is somewhat like curling a ribbon with scissors. Continue pulling the iron down the section of hair until you reach the ends.
  4. Run fingers through your hair for a more tousled look or leave as is for a more polished curl.

Big Textured Braids

  1. Braids are all the rage and it seems that the bigger the braid the better! But it can be tough to get a full thick braid even if you have a ton of hair but with the ghd Rose Gold Styler anyone can have a thick full braid.
  2. First, add a heat protectant (Kerastase Thermique) to clean, wet hair and thoroughly dry it.
  3. Next grab a “1” section of hair and position your flat iron at the root. Twist your wrist back and forth, slowly, as you glide the iron all the way down to your ends. Repeat until all strands have been ironed.
  4. Your hair will look like a big crimped 80’s style but not to worry now you can start your braid.
  5. A simple three strand braid or fishtail braid will look so great with this technique!


Want more at-home styling tips? Check out my latest Beauty Bonehead videos, or visit Tina at Blowout Junkie in Chicago’s River North.

*story may have been partially or wholly embellished for effect

Styler was provided by ghd without expectation of review. Opinions (and hair) are all my own.

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