Beauty Bonehead: How to look like a Kardashian part 2

You guys, I cannot believe how much you all loved the first Beauty Bonehead.

Okay, yes I can, because I’m obsessed with it myself. I’m already brainstorming future episodes, but I want to hear from you. Are there beauty tricks, celeb lookalikes or other people you’d like to see on the next Beauty Bonehead? Leave it in the comments below.

And, without further ado, please enjoy episode 2: CONTOURING. (did you just squeal a little with excitement?)
Got an idea for a future Beauty Bonehead video? Looking for a specific tip or got a suggestion for a great beauty expert or product? Leave it below.



Products we used:
Eye Primer: Laura Mercier (or any good eye primer)
Undereye concealer: La Prairie  (or any concealer you like)
Dark brown eyeshadow: Nars Bali (or any medium brown)
Light eyeshadow: Nars Coconut Grove (or any dark brown)
Mascara: Too Faced Better than False (or any fiber-based mascara)
Liquid eyeliner: Covergirl (or any other liquid liner)
Foundation: Maybelline smooth mousse (or any heavy duty cream foundation)
Contour kit: Anastasia
Eyebrow powder: Anastasia brow duo (go one shade lighter than your hair color)
HD Powder: Makeup Forever HD (accept no substitution)
Blush: Bare Minerals Natural High  (or other pink powder blush)
Lip Liner: Dior jungle brown (or any nude liner)
Lipstick: MAC Fleshpot (or any matte, nude lipstick)
Illuminator/Highlighter: Becca

5 thoughts on “Beauty Bonehead: How to look like a Kardashian part 2

  1. Allyson

    LOVE these videos! Would love to see one related to hair!

  2. Stephanie

    After watching the first video I kept coming back and refreshing your page as I’m working in hopes that the 2nd video would be posted (I took notes). Above the fact that it’s the first day of spring, going to yoga, and a Mccafe…this made my day and better yet made me laugh!

  3. Katie

    What under eye concealer did Ashley use first just under her eyes, before using the Maybelline for redness? It looked like it was in a pallet. Loved both videos so far!

  4. Amanda

    So fun! I followed along and it was waaay easier to do than I thought it would be.

  5. Tessa

    Love love love these! And Ashley seems so awesome. I want to be friends with her (and you of course).
    Will look forward to more!!

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