Take 30% off La Soula Littles Diamond Earrings

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La Soula mix and match littles diamond earrings

Today, I was meeting a friend and she asked me what makes me write about one thing and not another.

And I told her that my barometer is whether or not I’d buy it with my own money.

Isn’t that a funny concept? When I was little and I really wanted something and my parents said no, I’d negotiate, “but I’ll use my own money.” I mean, where was an 8-year-old getting her own money? I didn’t have a job and my $2 a week allowance didn’t afford me the luxuries of, say, Milania Giudici.

I know I write a lot about shopping, but the truth is I’m actually really frugal. I don’t wear $1000 shoes, and I pretty much carry the same handbag every day. I don’t have drawers full of Lululemon, or jewelry boxes overflowing with fine jewelry.

But every once in a while I have one of those moments. Like when I saw the latest collection of little diamond earrings by La Soula I was elated. “That!” I said to myself. “That I would buy with my own money.”

And now you can too.

I’m so obsessed with my friend Kim’s latest collection of tiny, mix and match diamond earrings from LaSoula. (I’m partial to the lighting bolt for that second hole that never closed up.)

But I’m especially excited because all Possessionista readers can take 30% off with the code littleposs.

Click on any of the images below to see the whole collection and let me know which is your favorite.

All of them is a totally acceptable answer.

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