My favorite diamond necklaces and a discount

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Happy New Year, you guys!

As you know the Bachelor returns Monday, and in honor of my favorite show coming back, I wanted to let you know about another one of my favorites.

The La Soula littles are one of my favorite layering necklaces. I got the tiny square a few years ago, and I rarely take it off. At times when I’m stressed or have to make hard decisions, I’ll find myself fingering it, almost like a lucky talisman. Somehow this little necklace reminds me to see the details, to find beauty in small things, and to stop and take a breath.

As a reminder to each of us to appreciate the little things, La Soula is offering these each tiny diamond (starting at $88) layering necklaces at an additional discount using code Poss2015. 

Click on any of the necklace below for more information

2 thoughts on “My favorite diamond necklaces and a discount

  1. jolanta

    Which ones are $88?…I only see them for $168.00

    1. Dana Weiss

      The angel wing, the key, the lightning bolt and the music notes are all $88. The star and evil eye and lock are also on sale.

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