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I don’t know for sure what I did with my Bat Mitzvah money, but it probably went to Units outfits and Cinnabon long before I hit college. Sure they smell great, but I definitely wasn’t thinking about my future while I was downing those sugar frosted baked goods at Montgomery Mall.

Unlike me, Michael Fishman and his University of Wisconsin buddies were thinking a little more long term with their Bar Mitzvah haul. The four Madison classmates pooled their Bar Mitzvah funds to create Pure City Cycles – a line of sleek, colorful bikes perfect for making your way to class – biology or yoga.

As someone who loves bike riding (indoor and out) I was thrilled to meet with the folks at Pure City to introduce these super stylish bikes that put the “whee” in wheel. (I guess you could also say they put the icicle, in bicycle. But why would you?)

To make this holiday really special, I’ve asked Pure City Cycles to give one Possessionista a $500 credit at Pure City Cycles (good for one Pure City Step Through in your choice of color, or to use towards any other bike on the site.) And, sure, as the winner, you’re welcome to keep it for yourself or give it as a kick ass holiday gift to someone on your “nice” list.

Don’t be shortsighted like me.

The last thing your loved ones want is a Cinnabon gift card this holiday season.

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62 thoughts on “Win it! Pure City Cycle Step Through bike

  1. Sydney

    I love the mint green! So pretty!

  2. Hayley

    They’re all so cool!

  3. Alison S

    I love the Bromley!

    1. Joyce Harrell

      I love the Crosby

  4. Kate

    The Abbey step through bike is gorgeous!

  5. Leah

    My bike just got stolen so I’m in the market for a new one! Love the mint green color!

  6. Kelsey

    That crosby step through is a BEAUT! Also my insane ex boyfriend stole my bike tires as some kind of payback (????). Send help.

  7. Emily J

    Love them all! Hope I win!

  8. Lacy

    The CROSBY is beeeautiful! Love the mint green frame!

  9. Sarah

    That mint one is so cute!

  10. mary

    The mint is gorgeous!

  11. kate

    mint green or yellow! they’re so pretty :o)

  12. Kate Conway

    I love the Melrose!

  13. Cindy

    They all look so nice!

  14. kelsey Crosby

    ok obviously I’m obsessed with the Crosby since its my last name!!!!!

  15. Kallen

    I have been looking for a cute city bike since I moved to NYC last month and the Crosby or Abbey would be perfect! Love!

  16. Amy

    I love the Crosby!
    Didn’t units have the original “infinity” scarf that was a belt – or for me a tiny hobbit – used as a skirt?

  17. Britta

    Ooooh the Crosby is fantastic. Everything looks so fun.

  18. Alison

    PCC Cycles- coolest ever…coming from a fellow Badger!!

  19. Jenna

    Oh my gosh. I love the Abbey!! Like you, I also love riding bikes & live in an awesome town in Houston where we can bike to dozens of farm-to-table restraunts and funky bars from our house. I would love to sport this around town or lend it to guests so we can bar hop together!

  20. Kats

    A stylish bike would make a great gift for my husband to ride to ride to work!

  21. Annie

    Love the old school bikes!

  22. Jeanne

    I love the Step Through in Crosby! It would be perfect in San Francisco, crossing my fingers for a win 🙂

  23. amy pugmire

    I love the crosby! They are all so cute! Thanks for the chance!

  24. Tanja H.

    Newbury & Abbey are my favorite bikes. I like that there are options for 3-speed & 8-speed on the bikes as well.

  25. Rust

    I love the Melrose bike.

  26. Kristin t

    I love the abbey Bike!

  27. Colleen

    Love them! I’ve been wanting one, too!

  28. Erin

    Lovvvveee the yellow one! I need to cruise the boardwalks of Jers on it!

  29. Becky


  30. Becky

    My favorite is any of them! Love!

  31. Jennifer Travis

    Cool giveaway

  32. Jennifer Travis

    Love the Crosby!

  33. Jennifer R

    The perfect motivator! Love all the colors! Hope I win so I can get my “pedal on”.

  34. Becky

    Love both the Melrose & the Crosby

  35. Heidi

    Thanks for highlighting this company! It’s great to hear about what fellow Badgers are doing!

  36. April Crisafulli

    I love the Crosby! Such a great color!!!

  37. Megan

    The Crosby bike is perfect! I would love to ride it!

  38. Margo Brown

    The Crosby is beautiful! I would be so excited to win something like this!

  39. Samantha

    I love the Crosby….it’s gorgeous.

  40. Ashley Bonner

    The Crosby!! Love the mint color!

  41. Jean Sagarese

    Love the Bromley

  42. Tiffany

    I love the Abbey, teal rims are my jam!

  43. Amy Connor

    I love the mint green.

  44. Cherie B

    What a great giveaway. I don’t own a bike. This would be a perfect win!

  45. Stephanie T.

    I love the Langdon and the Crosby! This would be the most amazing way to get back into shape!

  46. Nicole

    I love the Newbury!

  47. Allie P

    I think I’d have to go with an Abbey or a Western! So cute!

  48. Anonymous

    I love ALL of these bikes and would be fortunate to have any one of them!! I have lost 10 pds in the last 3 months and adding a bike would fit right in with my weight loss goals for the new year!

  49. Kristen A.

    I LOVE all of these bikes and would be fortunate to get any of them!! A new bike would be the perfect accessory this holiday season!

  50. Jolanta

    I want to win this for my mom…She’s the best!

  51. Sarah Scott

    My favorite bike seems to be a popular one.. The Crosby!! I love everything about it.. the look, style and not to mention it’s more beautiful than any bike I’ve ever owned. I need more activity in my life and can see this bringing about the necessary change 🙂

  52. Isaac Schultz

    The crosby is stylish and a great daily-rider!

  53. Amanda

    Crosby! Weird, the mall of my teenage years was also Montgomery Mall (PA), where I could frequent Cinnabon without a second thought. Ahhh youth, I miss you.

  54. Tam


  55. Chelsea B

    The orange bike is so cute.

  56. Tony C.

    I like the dark look of the Western. The black metal and tan details go great together.

  57. mindaa

    Hope it’s not too late – love bikes, love the Melrose!

  58. Erica Tanner

    I think I like the Langdon…but maybe it will get really dirty…so I also love the Crosby! I don’t have a bike well except my childhood one at my mom’s house! This would be AWESOME!

  59. Chelle

    I need a new bike like nobody’s business…my old [old…old, old, old] mountain bike has served me well, but it’s starting to fall apart. I only live 5 miles from the place I work, and it’ d be so nice to have a quality commuter bike so that I can save some gas and get back into the biking-to-work routine. Would LOVE the Crosby!!

  60. Sarah H

    That Bromley bike is so cute! I could definitely use it on SoBe 😉

  61. Vienna Rose

    Cool bicycles!!!! Love the Western!

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