The Bachelor Chris Soules’ celebrity look alike ladies


As you recall, Andi Dorfman found love on the Bachelorette with Josh Murray, a guy she could have just as easily met at a bar in Atlanta, where both of them live. The only thing that kept Andi from meeting Josh at the local Piggly Wiggly instead of primetime is fate.

Or fame, depending on how jaded you (I) are (am.)

During her season, Andi sent home Chris Soules, the rich farmer from Iowa who is kind of like a beefy Brad Womack.

Although Andi couldn’t see herself shucking corn and playing Ghost in the Graveyard with Chris and his hot sisters, ABC was able to round up thirty women who love corn fields and mail order clothing. Just last week, they released the newest bunch of ladies looking for fame, I mean love, on this season of the Bachelor.

This season, what the Bachelor lacks in diversity, it totally makes up for in 30 girls who look exactly like each other. So, to keep the blonde haired girls separate from the brown haired girls, I created the fourth annual Bachelor contestant celebrity look alike cheat sheets.

After all, all Bachelor contestants look the same in the dark.

I mean during Ghost in the Graveyard.

Click here for Juan Pablo’s season of look a likes

Click For Sean Lowe’s celebrity look alikes

Click for Andi Dorfman’s Bachelor celebrity look alikes 

Natalie Portman as Mackenzie
Christina Applegate as Tara
(Old) Amanda Bynes as Megan
Olivia Wilde as Kaitlyn (you’re welcome)
Snooki as Nikki (But like pretty Snooki, not Jersey Shore poof Snooki.)
Julie Bowen as Ashley S
Kacie from Ben’s season as Jordan
Amanda Seyfried as Amanda
Lara Spencer as Whitney
Victoria Justince as Jillian
Beth Otrovsky as Reegan
Daisy Fuentes as Juelia
Chrissy Tiegen as Kimberly (again, you’re welcome)
Martina McBride as Tracy
Vanessa Minillo as Britt
Katy Perry as Samantha
Blake Lively as Tandra (you are SO welcome)
Amy Adams as Nicole
Mary Lou Retton as Kelsey
Kourtney Kardashian as Ashley L (Yes, I meant Kourtney, not Kim. Forgot to enable Kardashian AutoKorrect. Apologies to all who suffered at this egregious mistake.)
Cheryl Hines as Trina
Nikki Reed as Brittany
Paula Patton as Amber
Casey Wilson as Alyssa
This Cheetah
Lucy Hale as Michele
Amy Schumer as Bo
Danica McKellar as Jade

I’m still missing a few. Got a better suggestion for one that’s already here? Post it in the comments below. 


86 thoughts on “The Bachelor Chris Soules’ celebrity look alike ladies

  1. Laura Beth Strickland

    My thoughts on the remaining four lookalikes:
    Becca = Rebecca Budig; Bo = Amy Schumer; Carly = Melissa Rauch; Jade = Idina Menzel

    1. Dana Weiss

      These are great!

  2. IsaJane

    Eeeek. Just when you thought the Bachelor franchise was starting to become more diverse, they bring out they bring out a mass of the most typical bottle blondes.
    I think it’s safe to say what Chris’ type is…

    Btw, most of these girls should be thanking you for these comparisons

  3. Katie

    Jade reminds me of Courtney from Ben’s season, and Bo kind of looks like DJ Tanner. I’ve got nothing on the other two!

    1. Dana Weiss

      I totally see the Jade/Courtney comparison.

  4. Pris

    Hey, hey … That’s a picture of Kourtney Kardashian, not Kim 😉 otherwise, awesome picks!!! 🙂

  5. Elizabeth S.

    Most of those are spot on! I think Michele looks like Sadie Robertson…but I can see Lucy Hale too. The cheetah cracked me up.

  6. Jenna

    Jade reminds me of Brittany Snow when she died her hair dark.

    1. Dana Weiss

      Totally. Same face.

  7. Rachel

    Bo as old Renee Zellweger. Jade as Danica McKellar.

    1. Dana Weiss

      Love these

  8. Alex

    I think you mean Kourtney Kardashian? Or maybe you meant to use a picture of Kim?

  9. Robin

    Becca – Michelle Money, Bo – I agree Amy Schumer or Allison Sweeney, Carly – Jen Lilley (days of our lives), Jade – Dana Weiss 🙂

  10. Carrin

    I thought Tracy kinda looked like Tiffany Amber Thiessen. Bo reminds me of Lindsey Vonn. I think Carly could be a Gretchen Rossi look a like.

    1. Dana Weiss

      I also thought Tracy looked like Kelly Kapowski. I went back and forth on that one. These are all great calls.

      1. Anonymous

        More like Tiffani Amber Theissen in Baywatch – it’s the outfit. Is she wearing a whistle?

  11. Berlo

    Ashley L is more Teresa from RHONJ…. But the Cheetah was spot on lol

    1. Dana Weiss

      Solid call

  12. Angela C

    I think Michele looks exactly like Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty!

  13. Melissa

    Your look a like for Ashley L, you posted a picture of Kourtney Kardashian not Kim. 🙂

  14. Chelsea

    Besides the fact that the Kim kardashian lookalike is actually a picture of Kourtney Kardashian?!

    1. Dana Weiss

      Yes, besides that.

  15. Christina

    Carly looks like Sarah Michelle gellar
    Also, isn’t that a picture of Kortney Kardashian, not Kim?

    1. Diana

      Yes that’s definitely Kourtney, not Kim 🙂

  16. Jessica

    Bo – Miranda Lambert? definately a “you’re welcome” scenario but i see the resemblance. Or… Amy Schumer
    Becca – looks more like Kasie from Ben’s season to me than Jordan.
    Carly – Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Jade – I got nothing for Jade but she sorta looks like Katy Perry too.

  17. Anonymous

    That is Kourtney not Kim.

  18. jess

    I feel like Nicole is definitely a Melissa Joan Hart.

  19. Rebecca

    Michele looks like Sadie Robertson!

  20. Toni

    Michelle Money as Becca?

  21. Megan

    That is Kourtney not Kim!

  22. carin

    The Cheetah – hahahahahaha!
    January 5th can’t come fast enough.

  23. Ri

    Carly looks like Cindy Lou Who.

  24. Alison S. from Iowa

    Cecily Strong from SNL for NIKKI instead of Snooki!

  25. Lori

    How about Carmen Electra as Becca?

  26. Anonymous

    Carly is totally Jane Krakowski!

  27. Brooklyn

    Carly is totally Jane Krakowski!

    1. Dana Weiss

      This is perfect

      1. Brooklyn

        Thanks girl, LOVE your writing!! I sent you a FB side by side I thought was good. Thanks for all the laughs!! xo

  28. Katie

    Cheryl Hines looks just like Laura Bell Bundy!

  29. Christie

    I think Ashley L looks a little like Lea Michele as well 🙂

  30. Monica

    I second the TAT vs Tracy comparison and would like to add Jean Louisa Kelly (from Yes Dear) for Mackenzie.

  31. Sara

    That Cheetah girl = vintage Christie Brinkley?

  32. Lisa

    Becca looks just like Carrie Underwood!

    1. Jane

      I thought the same thing!

  33. Lindsey M

    Carly looks like Ashley Tisdale circa HSM Sharpay Evans days…

  34. Nikki

    A few I see… Ashley L.= Lea Michelle & Trina = Sarah Michelle Gellar

  35. Hogie

    Add Carmen Electra as Becca. That’s what I’d do:

  36. Chelsea

    Becca looks like old school Britney Spears.

  37. Anonymous

    Britt is Miley Cyrus. The pretty version obviously!

  38. Lori Jane

    Becca – Erin Andrews

  39. cindy

    I just about died when I saw the Mary Lou Retton comparison.

  40. Lori Jane

    Amanda is Lady Gaga

  41. Anonymous

    Becca looks like Lauren Conrad

  42. emma

    Carly is Clare Bowen from Nashville!

  43. Anonymous

    I think crazy onion Ashley S looks exactly like young Courtney Thorne-Smith!

    1. Dana Weiss

      This is 100% right. I’ve been trying to figure out who she looks like and you nailed it.

    2. Bronwen

      I thought the same thing! They even do the same intense look with their eyes to emphasize things. Really thought I was back in the 90s.

    3. Amanda

      I think she kinda looks like Ali too besides the nuttiness lol

  44. Christine

    Carly = Dolly Parton 😉

    Loyal Follower

  45. Amanda

    I definitely thought Britt looked like Tiffany Amber Thessan from the saved by the Bell days.

  46. Ariel j

    Rebecca Geyhart as Kaitlyn all day

  47. Andrea

    Whitney as Cate Blanchett!

    1. Dana Weiss

      Amazing. Spot on.

  48. Trace

    Britt also looks like Jamie Chung to me

  49. Tessa

    Becca looks just like Molly mesnick. And I love it when you do this, and all your bachelor tweets and recaps (outfits). Keep up the good work.

  50. Megan

    Carly looks like Bailey De Young from Faking It.

  51. Tina

    Carly = Olivia Newton John in Grease!

  52. Rozay

    Kaitlyn= Stacey Dash, Kacie= Kate Hudson, Ashley L.= a cross between Teresa from RHONJ and Lea Michele

  53. Kelsey

    Becca looks like Carrie Underwood!

  54. Wendy

    I think Ashley L reminds me of Sarah Shahi. Some good comparisons above 🙂

    1. Haley

      I just saw her in person of interest and I was like who does she remind me of and bam it was Ashley from the bachelor lmao googled it and here I am 🙂 they def have the same lip/mouth and whole face in general in common

  55. carrie

    Ashley S looks like Courtney Thorne Smith!

  56. Eli

    “This cheeta”!!! Well done. I think The Onion totlaly looks like Courtney Thorne-Smith!

  57. severan

    i think for carly britney spears for becca beyonce

  58. Mel foster

    Becca looks like Carrie underwood!’n

  59. Anonymous

    Carrie Underwood for Becca

  60. Nikki

    I think Carly totally looks like Melissa Joan Heart!! And for Ashley she would have been a pretty gal if she just didn’t try so much to look like the Karashians!! Be yourself!!

  61. Anonymous

    Becca is totally Jamie Lynn Spears!!!!!!

  62. Anonymous

    Kaitlyn not only looks exactly like actress, Maiara Walsh, but sounds like her too.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree!!

    2. Anonymous

      I totally agree its uncanny how alike they are

  63. Anonymous

    Becca =britney spears

  64. Jane

    Becca looks just like Carrie Underwood!

  65. Chelsea

    Carly looks like Jane Krakowski

  66. JasonZ

    Ashley I. and Sarah Shahi are dopplegangers. You missed on that one but the rest are pretty good

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