Win it! Mindy Kaling’s black sheep sweatshirt from Mindy Project c/o Modcloth

Mindy's sheep graphic tee: Modcloth
Mindy’s sheep graphic tee: Modcloth

If you’re like me, you’re probably anxiously counting down the minutes until tonight’s episode of the Mindy Project.

And not just because it means your kids will be in bed.

Though it doesn’t hurt.

(Just being honest)

Seriously, the last two days my kids have been home from school, the rain has been nonstop and I haven’t seen the inside of a  pair of slimfit jeans since September.


Where was this sweatshirt when I needed it?

I have it on good authority that Mindy Kaling will be rocking this baaaaaaad boy (see what I did there?) on tonight’s Mindy Project, and one lucky Possessionista is going to score one of her own.

Just because I love ewe.

Seriously, time to get out of these pajamas, you know?
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70 thoughts on “Win it! Mindy Kaling’s black sheep sweatshirt from Mindy Project c/o Modcloth

  1. Jill R

    Yay!! I love this sweatshirt!

  2. Kalyn G

    Mindy is my favorite because she is so awesome and talented, but she really has an awesome cast 🙂

  3. Caitlin Rowe

    I love all things Mindy and obsessed with ModCloth! Mindy makes my heart happy and I would love this amazing sweatshirt! Thanks 🙂

  4. Angelica H

    Morgan or Mindy. I cannot even decide between the two

  5. Ashlee

    Love me some Mindy!

  6. Kim

    I need this shirt!

  7. Tina C

    Mindy is by far by favorite. Also really love this sweatshirt!

  8. Brynne

    love love love that sweatshirt

  9. Lacey Vanderveen

    Favorite character has GOT to be Mindy… DUH!

  10. Lisa

    Mindy for sure – she cracks me up!

  11. Hayley


  12. Lindsay Vormack

    I’m obsessed with this sweatshirt, and yes, I’m anxiously awaiting The Mindy Project too!

  13. Camee

    Mindy is definitely my favorite!! Love this sweatshirt!

  14. Heather

    I NEED that sweatshirt!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Love Mindy! Happy Minday 🙂

  16. Kristin t


  17. michelle

    mindy… of course. 🙂

  18. Emily

    My fave character is Morgan – he just makes me laugh every week 🙂

  19. Jennifer amos

    Mindys character is just great!

  20. Sara

    This sweater is so cute.

  21. Julie P.

    I know everyone is going to say this, but Mindy is my favorite!!

  22. Caitlyn Gabbert

    My favorite is Mindy because she’s queen. Obviously.

  23. Lauren

    Definitely Mindy! I love everything she wears!

  24. Samara

    This sweatshirt is so cute! It’s a tie between Mindy and Danny for fave!

  25. Lou Poskitt


  26. Katie

    Mindy is my favorite, but Danny is a close second! This show makes me laugh so much!

  27. Sarah Miller

    I love Mindy, but Morgan is the one who makes me laugh out loud most often!

  28. emily

    Mindy is my favorite character! But Peter is becoming a close second.

  29. Phoebe

    cute sweater! love danny of course 🙂

  30. Cait


  31. An

    Mindy is my favorite

  32. Athena


  33. Brooke

    Mindy is my favorite. How could she not be!?

  34. Elizabeth

    Mindy, of course!

  35. Sarah

    Love Mindy and this sweater! She’s hilarious as a character.

  36. Meghan

    Mindy is definitely my favorite!

  37. Maggie

    Morgan for sure!

  38. Susan

    My favorite character is a tie between Morgan and Danny. They’re both just so hilarious.

  39. Nancy

    Cliche but fave character is Mindy….I want to be her best friend.

  40. caryn

    Absolutely love Mindy!

  41. kate

    MINDY!!!!!!!! the mindy project is my favorite show and i feel like mindy would be my perfect bff. please keep blogging about her clothes!

  42. Carla

    For fashion, definitely Mindy, but I am very found of adorably grumpy Danny…

  43. Morgan Rutledge

    I’m obsessed with her sweatshirt!!! And her, of course 🙂 Hope I win!!

    1. Morgan Rutledge

      And Mindy is my favorite character 🙂

  44. Tracy Lopez

    Mindy is my favorite character of course 🙂

  45. Kristy

    My fave character is Mindy, but I do also like grumpy, sensible Danny.

  46. lindsey

    i’m wearing a sweatshirt right now.

  47. Amanda C

    Can I still win if I admit that I’ve never seen the show?? 🙂 🙂 I LOVE the sweatshirt…and love ewe, too…

  48. Caroline

    I’m obsessed with The Mindy Project but more obsessed with this sweater! Mindy is, of course, my fave, but Morgan is right there with her! He is hilarious!!

  49. Ally A.

    OMG Mindy of course! Love those one liners!

  50. Melissa

    I would love to wear this sweatshirt. It looks so comfortable and I would eat a Haagen Daz ice cream bar wearing it, too (or whatever the heck Mindy is nibbling in the picture).

  51. Sara Carrington

    It’s hard to decide between Mindy and Danny – and they’re even better together!

  52. Liz

    LOVE this!!! Mindy my fav-of course! She kills it in everything she does!

  53. Sahaja

    I love Mindy! And also Morgan…such a fun character!

  54. Heather L.

    I love Morgan!

  55. Kristina

    Mindy is my favorite! She’s so funny and I love her clothes (obviously).

  56. Feliza

    This sweatshirt is so fun! Looks perfect for pj’s 😀

  57. Kelsey

    Mindy, the OG.

  58. Val

    My favorite character by far is Morgan. Great giveaway!

  59. Brittany

    Love Mindy but Danny is my favorite grumpy grouch with a heart of gold. Love that sweatshirt, too!

  60. Erin

    I love Mindy the most! And that sweater!

  61. Cassandra Clark

    Love this sweatshirt! And Danny is my favorite, because… well… Chris Messina.

  62. Ashley C

    Morgan always makes my laugh!


  63. shannon @ gin & bare it


  64. shannon @ gin & bare it

    but for real it’s morgan because duh.

  65. Kelli G

    I love Jeremy, he’s so funny and such a good friend to Mindy

  66. Zanna

    Favorite character is definitely Morgan!

  67. Missy

    I love this sweatshirt.. Hope I win!

  68. Julie L

    Mindy is my fave, of course! I LOVE her because she’s not a size 2, yet she still kills it in every look!

  69. Julie


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