Found it on Facebook: Quilted jacket

Dana, Im visiting DC and was literally running to try to stop this girl and ask her where she got her jacket. I only managed to snap a pic. Can you please I.D it for me??

I know, it’s been a while since I did a Found it on Facebook. To be honest, there’s just so much TV that I haven’t had much time to scout down the stuff you’re looking for. I’m hoping that pretty soon a bunch of shows will get cancelled and we can get back to it.

That sounded terrible, didn’t it.


Anyway, got this request via Facebook from someone who was so bold she actually¬†took a picture of the girl and I had to reward her for her tenacity – even if she’s probably breaking several privacy laws.

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One thought on “Found it on Facebook: Quilted jacket

  1. Amy Coda

    Saw this same Vince camuto jacket at tj maxx in montague, nj a couple weeks ago.

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