Win it! Ariel Gordon Love Knot Ring as seen on Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman in her Ariel Gordon Loveknot Ring

During her season on the Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman was rarely seen without her Ariel Gordon love knot. It’s no coincidence (or maybe it is) that she found love on her season and now Andi and her hunky Hottiance™ Josh Murray are living it up in Atlanta while 16 former Bachelor contestants (each sans love knot) are trying to find love in Paradise.

I guess the question is, do you want this ring?

Or do you want to be a reject?

For this week’s giveaway, I’ve partnered up with Ariel Gordon jewelry with whom I’m more than a little obsessed – check out this, this and this for some of my favorites – to give away her iconic love knot ring as seen on Andi Dorfman (as well as Kate Winslet, Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore, Emily Blunt if you care about that kind of thing. And I think you do.)

Want to win one? Fill out the form below. Not feeling so lucky in love? Take 25% off everything at Ariel Gordon through August 22 with code possessionista.)

Ariel Gordon Love Knot Ring, $175
Use code possessionista for 25% off

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88 thoughts on “Win it! Ariel Gordon Love Knot Ring as seen on Andi Dorfman

  1. Jenessa S.

    I wear the earrings I wore in my wedding almost every day. Don’t worry, nothing ostentatious…just some basic pearls.

  2. Carrie

    My lucky ring is a memento I had made after my grandfather passed in 2006. The center stone is Peridot (his birthstone) and I wear it daily.

  3. Abigail s

    I wore the same pearls in my wedding that my grandmother did. They were married over 50 years.

  4. Peggy L

    Love to wear my “good fortune” necklace from Singapore.

  5. Jolynda

    I wear a necklace with a pendant that has my Dad’s ashes in it.

  6. Ashley

    I wear a claddaugh ring that my dad got me from Ireland every day!

  7. vicky

    I have a necklace that is my lucky charm

  8. Lindsay

    Whenever I need some luck I wear my necklace that has my initial

  9. alli

    this ring would symbolize the love of hotbox pizza (and their ranch dressing) and making fun of the ridiculous people on these shows .. that Dana & I share, this is a BOND. hahaha No, but seriously, this is super cute and I would love to have it as an everyday staple!

  10. jessica simon

    I don’t have a lucky item of clothing….I guess I need to win this so it cam be my luck charm!

  11. Caryn

    None here! But I would love this ring to become lucky for me!

  12. Michelle

    I wear a necklace with my initial every day!

  13. Kate

    No lucky charms for me.

  14. Lisa

    Everyday I wear an initial bracelet from Alex and Ani that my best friend got me. I like to think it gives me luck (so far, so good!)

  15. Laila Hall

    I don’t but I would gladly accept this ring to be my new lucky trinket!

  16. Dana King

    I would absolutely adore this ring on my finger. Thanks!

  17. Holly P.

    I have a trinket from Spain that my dad got me (it has meaning with Catholicism) and I’ve kept it in my car since I could drive. I like to think that it helps keep me safe on the road.

  18. Sarah E

    I used to for sporting events. I had my lucky pair of socks I always wore that were pink and white. Whenever I didn’t wear them I totally sucked.

  19. Kelly

    I have a special religious medallion my mom found at a flea market that I carry when I need extra luck!

  20. Dria

    My “All We Have Is Now” bracelet in memory of my friend amazing friend Lauren! Always brings me good luck and reminds me to push myself harder!

  21. Elyse G.

    I have a four leaf clover charm on my keys. *fingers crossed*

  22. Val

    I don’t really have a lucky trinket, but I do feel really really weird if I’m not wearing at least one of my wedding bands at all times, even to sleep.

    1. Whitney

      Fingers crossed! This would be the perfect first gift as my hubby and I expect our first babe 🙂

  23. Katie

    I wear my Nashelle Initial “Identity” necklace everyday.

  24. meconlon005

    I ALWAYS wear my clover necklace and claddagh ring. Irish luck baby.

  25. Nicole


  26. Melissa L.

    I don’t have any lucky trinkets, but I love this ring!

  27. Bridgid

    I have a BCBG zodiac ring that I consider a lucky trinket of sorts. 🙂

  28. Sarah in Miami

    What a lovely, simple ring!

  29. Melissa

    No lucky trinket here, but now I feel like I should!

  30. Jessica R

    Love this ring, think it would be a great timeless piece to add to my collection!

  31. Chelsey P

    I have a cross necklace that I like to wear whenever I’m nervous – makes me feel like I have some guardian angel back up 🙂 Loving all of Andi’s wardrobe/accessories this past season – actually think I’ve preferred her choices to Emily’s

  32. Kristin t

    No lucky trinket for me!

  33. kate

    My grandma gave me a charm on a necklace that she got at the Chartres cathedral in France… I wear it whenever I need a little extra luck or want to feel like she’s still with me :o)

  34. Anna

    My mom and I got matching Yurman rings one my 18th birthday and I wear mine everyday! Even though I’m in college 9 hours from home, I feel like it keeps me close to my mom <3

  35. joy jung

    Love the ring!

  36. Lauren B

    I always wear my charm bracelet. Has charms from my parents and my S/O.

  37. Ka'ili

    I wear my hawaiian bracelet and gold stud earrings that say goodluck in Chinese. I also have these pink pave studs that I wear for interviews and major events for goodluck. Thank you for the chance to win this ring.

  38. Amanda

    I have a ring of my grandma’s that I LOVE to wear…makes me feel like I have a little piece of her with me.

  39. kellie rose wilson

    I have a lucky charm..a necklace my late grandfather gave me for my fourth birthday. It means so much to me! Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

  40. Emily

    I LOVE this ring! So gorgeous… And I don’t want to be a reject! 😉

    1. Emily

      Whoops! Commented before I saw the question… I don’t have a lucky piece, so this would be it!

  41. Hayley

    I don’t have a good luck charm but love this ring!

  42. Char

    love the ring and Andie’s style!

  43. Vickie Riddle

    Don’t know about lucky, but I wear a crystal amulet.

  44. Maria

    I guess I would have to say my personalized Medic Alert bracelet, I feel weird if I’m not wearing it. And I made it a fun accessory not just a boring metal chain.

  45. emily

    My favorite necklace, it has two charms: a four leaf clover and a fake emerald charm. The emerald charm came from my grandpa which helps keep him close. The clover just looks good with it cause I am not Irish though everyone asks when they see it haha.

  46. Mary

    I used to have a lucky necklace that I wore almost every day for five years.. then it broke, sadly. Still on the lookout for a new perfect piece to replace it!

  47. Emily

    My lucky trinket is my evil eye bracelet that I wear every day!

  48. Stephanie T.

    No lucky trinkets or jewelry here.. but now I’m thinking I need to invest in one!

  49. Karla

    I just wear a simple “O” charm for my son’s name by Helen Ficalora.

  50. Shari

    No lucky jewelry piece for me. Hoping to win this ring and it will become by lucky charm!

  51. jessica

    Fingers crossed!

  52. Katie

    I have a necklace that I wear when my favorite college team plays. It’s my lucky charm for them!

  53. Kristen Ard

    No lucky charm here, but maybe this ring could be it!

  54. Isabelle L.

    I have a water drop diamond necklace that matches the same one as my goddaughter and I never take it off. It looks like a beautiful ring.

  55. danielle t.

    A jade bracelet my mom gave me!

  56. Emily N.

    I do not have a superstitious or lucky trinket.

  57. Robyn

    Would loooove to win that ring!

  58. Sandy

    I have an angel coin that I always carry that my mom gave me and a ring that my grandma used to wear…

  59. susan


  60. Linda

    I don’t have any lucky trinkets, but I love the ring.

  61. Christina D

    My grandmother gave me a ring she use to wear as a teen on my 18th birthday.

  62. Taylor W

    I always have to wear my three rings or everything feels off.

  63. Donna K

    No, I don’t.

  64. Cherie Barnaby

    Would love that amazing ring! I’d wear it all the time! Hoping I get lucky enough to win another piece of Andis Bachelorette jewelry. How great would that be?!

  65. Kelly

    That ring is adorable! i loved the bachelorette’s style this season

  66. Eudora

    Love the ring!! It’d be such a good every day ring!!

  67. Brandi Soileau

    I unfortunately do not have a superstitious trinket, but I do love simple gold jewelry pieces, and this ring

  68. Sarah

    I have a chain with a charm for my daughter and one for my husband. I wear it every day. Would love to add the ring to my ‘every day wardrobe’ 🙂

  69. erin

    I have a lucky tiffany’s ring that was gifted to me when I was 16. I still wear it on important days like graduate school graduation, my first real job interview, etc.

  70. Kristin

    Love the ring and love my bridesmaid jewelry I’ve collected over the years from standing by my Besties on their wedding days!

  71. Barbara

    I have been looking for a knot ring ever since my dad passed away. This one is perfect.

  72. Barbara

    My lucky trinket is an angel wing that I wear on a chain around my necklace every day. 🙂

  73. Janna

    I have a necklace that my sisters and I all wear from a vacation together. It’s almost always on!

  74. Amanda Starr

    I have a lucky necklace I wear all the time! It hasn’t faked me yet!

  75. Ashley

    I love the knot ring! I definitely want it.

  76. Nicole

    My mom was a women’s speaker… So every time I have to speak I wear her lapel pin(hidden under my collar… Cuz it’s ugly!

  77. Tory

    My Grandmothers engagement ring!

  78. Katherine

    I have a princess cut ring from a great aunt that I’ve worn for a long time!

  79. Bonny

    Adorable ring!

  80. Marcie

    I wear the diamond from my grandmother’s wedding ring as a necklace when I want some extra luck

  81. Sarah

    need it!! pick me!

  82. Jolie Bess

    My sideways cross necklace is my every day staple.

  83. Lauren

    A ring my dad gave my mom when they were dating.

  84. Patricia

    Love all of Ariel Gordon’s jewelry!

  85. Tek Chung

    I don’t have one. =/
    But I want to win this for my wife! =)

  86. Amy Lafferty

    Love how dainty Ariel Gordon’s jewelry is and super wearable for everyday!

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