Found it on Facebook, August 1, 2014


So, this week Andi Dorfman found what she was looking for on the Bachelorette, and because, like everyone if the suburbs I think life should be fair, I worked extra hard to find what you guys have been looking for.

But on the Internet. Not in life.

Hey, I’m not a miracle worker.

Looking for something you saw someone wearing on Facebook (or Pinterest, Instagram, or at the mall that you sneakily took a picture of while you were pretending to text someone? Been there.) Email me and I’ll try to track it down.

I was wondering if you’d be ble to find [this.] I searched everywhere, but nothing. Thank you, have a nice Sunday.
Bless’ed are the Meek
Exact: Rebecca Taylor  Look for Less: Tobi
Please help! Came across this amazing cardigan on pinterest and have searched high and low with no luck! Please help me!!
Exact: Rebecca Taylor
Look for Less: Tobi
J Crew:
Hello! Can you help me track down the green floral dress please? You’re the best!
J Crew
i Dana! I saw these shorts on pinterest and can only find them on other fashion blogs, but not anywhere where I can purchase them! Can you help me find where they came from? Thanks!
@possessionista Can you help me find this? Asos

4 thoughts on “Found it on Facebook, August 1, 2014

  1. Anonymous

    You are so awesome at your job ! What a fun thing to get to do for a living! You understand a girl and her shopping mission!

  2. Niv

    Hi Dana,

    I’m going crazy trying to search for this dress Andi wore to the Kelly and Michael show or I think the good morning show. Can you please help. Thanks much!

    Thanks in advance

  3. Lindsey Raquel

    Hey! I love your blog! I hope you can check out my new blog if you have a chance: ! Thanks XOXO

  4. kelly

    Got your sweater!! Rebecca Taylor fringe sweater.
    Size large. Was looking for the stock photo and found your blog!
    Instagram Cheap Chic Resale, or posh mark! 🙂

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