Bachelor in Paradise fashion: Episode 2


This is what you give me?

I give you blood, sweat and two hours every week and the best you can give me is a headpiece and a dress that looks like it was made from a recycled optometrist’s eye chart?

You all deserve whatever you catch in the ocean.

Last night on a very special episode of Bachelor in Paradise we we learned the truth about why Michele Kujawa left Paradise. When Kujawa and a crew member decided to let their love open the door – the adjoining door between their hotel rooms, to be specific – Chris Harrison decided to step in.

As viewers, we were treated to a re-enactment worthy of a segment on America’s Most Wanted. It turns out that when the host knocked on Kujawa’s door, her suitor, the aptly named Ryan Putz (Megan Goodhand, anyone?) lept the 25 feet from her balcony landing himself in the hospital.

And if you think that’s crazy, I’m just getting started.

Back on the island, Dylan is having second thoughts about his relaysh with Elyse and encourages her to go on other dates. Elyse is convinced it’s just because things are going “too perfectly” between the two of them, and under the sage advice of Michelle Money she decides to flirt with other fellas. Enter Grown Assed Chris Bukowski.

After a night of heavy drinking, Elyse ends up playing Clare and Juan Pablo (didn’t tag him) in the ocean with Bukow. The next morning, Dylan has peaced out on Team Elyse and she’s all, “we’ll totally move forward from this.”

And she’s half right, because Dylan does move on, handing his date card to Elyse’s bestie Sarah. Sarah, who isn’t into dating her best friend’s crushes or guys with visible pit stains is on the fence.

After a heart to heart with Elyse she goes on the date but you can tell she’s just biding her time before she can get back to the house to raid Ben’s stash of Doritos and ask Michelle Money to give her a side braid.

Speaking of Ben, Marcus accidentally goes through Ben’s suitcase and accidentally finds a letter written to Ben from a girl show says she’s in love with him because Ben accidentally didn’t hide it and a producer accidentally told Marcus to do it. Michelle Money gets super weepy because Ben took the place of some other guy who might have been here for love and not just a free vacation. Ben decides his time in paradise is over – probably because he’s finished all the Doritos on the island. So he and his shirtless, turtle backpack exit stage left.

Notably absent this week is my girl Ashlee Frazier who was too busy tweeting stuff like this:


To even bother to delight us with an embroidered pillow of her new monogram Ashlee Frazier Bunn.

At the rose ceremony, Elyse tries to find her happy ending with Dylan but when she offers him her rose (not a euphemism) she’s rebuffed. Then, while circus music plays in the background Elyse delivers a speech about how life can offer all kinds of things and that every woman deserves to have a man who will stick by her through thick and thin, for better or worse, through Valtrex and Klonopin. And with that she offers Chris Bukowski her rose and he takes it because Deerfield Abby said no.

Next week Ashlee is back making dolls from the hair she found in Graham Bunn’s hairbrush and Michelle Money and Sarah may or may not fight over the last remaining Dorito. Or Robert. Previews unclear.

Was there something you saw on Bachelor in Paradise that you’d like to wear? Leave it in the comments so we can all publicly shame you.

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63 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise fashion: Episode 2

  1. Kim

    The entire time I was watching last night, I kept thinking “there is nothing Possessionista-worthy on this episode”. And I was right.

  2. Ashley

    Elyse wore an off the shoulder, rose printed top that was shown very quickly in last nights episode, and I’d love to know where from!

    1. Dana Weiss


      1. Tessa

        🙁 Everyone has different style choices. I think Elyse’s final dress was so ugly haha, but this shirt Ashley is talking about didn’t look bad.

        On a side note, what was going on with Lacy’s short/crop top combo? I’m actually confused…was she wearing spandex?

  3. Possesionista

    You never fail! I love your posts, but when I am feeling a little “blah”, I always check your post, and I burst out laughing.
    For that, thank you!!!!

    1. Dinora (not possesionista at all)

      For some reason I thought the name was for whom I was addressing this. Lol, this should give you a glimpse of my day. Lol. This is Dinora.

    2. Dana Weiss

      Bahahah. I was wondering if my other personality had started leaving comments on the blog 🙂

  4. Heidi

    Hi!! Élysées dress from the final rose ceremony is amazing…her speech not so much 😉 do you know where I could find it?

    1. Dana Weiss


      1. Megan

        Thank God for this response.

      2. MHL

        Check your local Walmart for a sheet and a curtain hook, loop through and safety pin and then burn whatever you just created. Voila.

  5. Michelle

    Claire’s blue maxi on her date with Chris?

  6. Missy

    The dress Elyse wore screamed at me … STRIPPER!

  7. Candice

    Elyse should just burn her wardrobe. so far Marquel is the only one even trying ….. fake glasses and all. Bahahaha… dont think capital L knows what ‘lieu’ means…she needs to conversate more!

    1. Anonymous

      .. but conversate isn’t a word 🙁

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, it is. Are you trying to (misguidedly) educate the poster or are you just being rude?

        1. Dana Weiss

          The original poster was using “conversate” to be humorous – quoting Ashlee Frazier. Conversate may be found in online dictionaries but it’s not an acceptable word. It may be found in certain dialects but not Ashlee Frazier’s. She was wrong to use it (and in this case, so are you)

          If you want to converse, discuss or debate this further, feel free.

          But if you want to conversate about it, take it elsewhere.

  8. Anonymous

    Sarah’s white tank with crochet on the bottom?

    1. Kristy

      I love this top. Any idea where it’s from

  9. Anonymous

    I know I’m not supposed to like anything in this episode, but I LOVE Sarah’s teal earrings. Please, Dana?

    1. Mel

      Me too!!

  10. Jennifer

    How many extensions do you think Michelle Money has in? SO much hair. What was that side look she did last episode at the rose ceremony? Very 80s prom.

    Her makeup is flawless as ever though, so I googled her beauty routine, and she has permanently tattooed make-up, which I find fascinating.

    1. Cerise

      I read that the one thing she didn’t care for too much about being on The Bachelor was that she did a lot of her ITMs (in-the-moment interviews) with no makeup on.

      1. Jennifer

        Riiight. She never does anything-on TV- without her makeup. But she does a good job! Elise Mosca on the other hand…

  11. Helen

    Sarah’s shorts!

    1. Dana Weiss


  12. Danielle

    Oh cmon now…you have to tell us where to find the “turtle backpack!” LOL

    1. Cerise


  13. Monique

    I loved Sarah’s white open back halter top! Would love to know where to purchase that! Thank you!

  14. Lauren

    Are Michelle Money’s palazzo pants from the same place she got the ones from last week?

  15. Jamie

    Can you please ID Lacy’s white hi-lo dress from her date with Marcus? Thanks!

  16. Brittney Good

    Claire’s necklace that she wore on her date with Zach!

  17. shantel

    I liked Claire’s dress she wore on the one on one date 🙂

  18. Libby

    Elise’s multi-colored swim top from her Moretti Moment (think Orange is the New Black) is Seafolly. A surprisingly fashionable choice in comparison to her other outfits.

    1. Jennifer

      Moretti Moment? lol! That’s good.

  19. Corie

    Michelle’s headpiece from the rose ceremony?

  20. Anonymous

    Ashlee’s overalls!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    Where can I find Lacey’s black and white swimsuit?

  22. Anonymous

    I liked Clare’s gold coin necklace can you find that?

  23. Anonymous

    Can you ID Lacy’s Black and White swimsuit?

    1. Anonymous

      Yes!!! I love this bathing suit

  24. Julie

    can you ID lacy’s black and white swimsuit??

  25. Catrien

    No one kill me…I liked Lacy’s bathing suit (black with white trim). Am I the only one? I want to know where I can get it! Pleeeease?

  26. wendy

    another request for Sarah’s teal earrings

  27. Sierra

    Lacy’s black and white bikini!!!!!!!!

  28. Beth

    Why oh why has no one commented on Lacy’s trainwreck of an outfit at the rose ceremony?! It’s even worse than Elise’s

  29. Michelle


    1. Debbie

      Ok the black and white swimsuit and teal earrings please you have to get in to this make a pitcher of margarita sala chips throw a lobster on the gril put on a sarong throw some sand on the floor open a window feel the breeze

  30. Natasha

    You mean, you won’t tell us where Elyse’s fabulous bathing suit (or lack thereof) is from?? Such a shame…


  31. Wendy

    A second request for Sarah’s teal earrings!

    1. Wendy

      Ooops – sorry, not trying to be pushy, I thought the first comment didn’t go through.

  32. Meghan

    Where are Lacy’s earrings from?

  33. jen

    Michelle headpiece please tell us where it is from?

  34. Anonymous

    Where is Michelle Money’s black dress from in the Rose ceremony from tonight

  35. Q

    Sarah’s earrings and necklace (Episode 3 Rose Ceremony) Thanks!

  36. Randi

    Do you know who makes the navy bathing suit that Lacy was wearing in the pool with Marcus in the third episode? Dying to know!

  37. Kara

    The mint roping with gold triangle necklace Claire/Clare was wearing on the latest episode is available here!

  38. Whitney

    Can you please tell me where Michelle Money’s headpiece is from?

  39. Bella

    Can someone tell me where Michelle Money strapless black dress with the white stripes on the sides came from, she wore it on the first night.


  40. Mary

    I am looking for that blakc necklace that the blonde girl wore last night. It was like a v shaped one. Loved it!

  41. Roz

    Hi!! I saw a few other asking this–could you please Id lacys black bikini with the white trim that she wears in the beginning of the episode?? Pretty pretty please!!

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