Andi Dorfman’s hot pink Romper

Andi Dorfman’s hot pink skort romper
US Trendy

Can you please id Andi Dorfmans latest outfit. Hot pink dress. -Steph

It’s nice that the Bachelorette is over because now Kelly Travis can stop anonymously asking me where Andi Dorfman gets all her clothes and just borrow them straight from Andi’s closet.

And while not everyone has the luxury of sharing BFF necklaces with the former Bachelorette, now that ABC has turned off her limitless leather and lace budget, at least we can all afford to dress like her.

Does Kelly’s outfit look familiar? See how Andi wore it first

See all of Andi Dorman’s outfits from the Bachelorette

Someone asked about Andi’s belt, and while I don’t know what she’s wearing, I think either one of these would look great

3 thoughts on “Andi Dorfman’s hot pink Romper

  1. Alicia

    What about the gold belt andi’s wearing???

  2. SarahC

    It’s not called a romper on the site. It’s called a ‘Playsuit.’ Playsuit!!!!

  3. Alicia

    Do NOT order this pink romper “play suit” from US Trendy listed above. It is TERRIBLE! Poorly constructed, cheap material and overall poor fit. Save yourself the hassle and $80. I can guarantee you this is not the romper Andi is wearing pictured above.

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