Andi Dorfman’s blue shoes for less

Andi Dorfman’s blue shoes: Zara

Hi Dana! Do you know where these shoes are from? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find them. Thank you via Facebook

One of the best kept secrets from the Bachelorette wasn’t who Andi Dorfman picked (I think it was pretty obvious from the get go) but where she got her blue strappy sandals.

I want you guys to know I wasn’t holding out on you. These Zara cutout sandals were easy to ID, but tracking them down has been harder. It seems these blogger faves have been sold out for some time. (Presumably Ashlee Frazier bought every last pair.)

But then tonight while looking for something totally unrelated, these little beauts popped up on Shoemint – with a 40% promo code to boot, pun intended.

Which, incidentally does not mean they’re still 80% of the price, Lacy.

The Jillian sandal
take 40% off with code enjoy40

Head over to Shoemint and use the code enjoy40 to take 40% off the Jillian – and tons of other Shoemint styles

2 thoughts on “Andi Dorfman’s blue shoes for less

  1. Amanda

    Where is that dress from?? Thanks!

  2. Laura


    Any chance you can identify the white mini cutout dress Andi wore on “Live with Kelly and Michael” with Josh?


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