Win it! Theodora and Callum Caftan giveaway (as seen on Andi Dorfman and Kristen Taekman)

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If there’s one thing we can learn from Nick Viall on tonight’s Bachelorette finale, it’s that you shouldn’t let the Bachelorette end without putting everything out there.

For Nick, it meant confronting Andi, revealing some of their most private (ish) moments on national television and probably violating  laws related to stalking in the various jurisdictions of the United States.

For me, it just means one last giveaway inspired by one of the most fashionable, if not dramatic Bachelorettes ever. This week I’ve partnered with Theodora and Callum (pictured last night and here) to giveaway one of their signature scarf print caftans. To enter, fill out the form below.

But let’s keep what happened between us in the fantasy suite our own little secret. M’kay?
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117 thoughts on “Win it! Theodora and Callum Caftan giveaway (as seen on Andi Dorfman and Kristen Taekman)

  1. Anonymous

    I hope I win!

  2. Desilyn McKeage

    Would love to wear this in Hawaii!

  3. Lindsey

    Is like to get away to a tropical beach with a good book and a fruity drink!

  4. Nicole P

    love your bachelorette fashion and would love to wear this on the last days of summer 🙂

  5. Cherie Barnaby

    I’d love a trip to Fiji. That’s my dream location for wearing this.

  6. Shell Mo

    Hawt!!! Want it!!

  7. Brandi

    Great giveaway! I am dreaming/planning/working hard to get me and my family to Barbados this year! This caftan would be perfect for that. Thanks!

  8. stephanie

    so cute!!

  9. Kristen

    Croatia or Greece

  10. Vannessa Fulgencio

    Well if Andi has this piece.. Then I need it right? Women logic.

  11. Lauren

    Maui. Kaanapali Beach. Please!

  12. Yuchen Sha

    I would love to visit the beautiful Thailand

  13. Vannessa

    Whoops, double comment: I’m thinking Italy on our ambassador travel.

  14. Kara Schletty

    Dreaming of Dominican Republic tonight…

  15. Claire

    Would love to wear this in the Hamptons!

  16. Taylor W

    For a summer getaway I’d choose Greece or Croatia.

  17. Alexandra R

    I’d love to wear this on my honeymoon!! At least I’ll be married while I’m wearing it #fantasysuite

  18. Masumi

    To Ecuador!!!

  19. Abi

    I would love to go to Australia….anywhere in australia

  20. Marka

    Love this!

  21. Kelly Balks


  22. Brittany S

    Plan on wearing a lot of these for my upcoming wedding in Punta Cana!

  23. aimee d

    This caftan is perfect for a Mediterranean getaway in Ibiza or Capri!

  24. nicole

    anywhere sunny! :):)

  25. Kyle

    Wherever I wear this will be made a better place.

  26. Emily

    id head to Greece!

  27. Bethany

    Couldn’t resist this little number!

  28. Katherine

    Bali or Australia.

  29. Jenna O

    I want to go to Greece! 🙂

  30. Chrissy

    I have loved these on Andi! It would be amazing to win one!

  31. Jenessa S.

    Italy and the south of France…

    1. Jill

      Love it! Would wear it on a dream vacation to Capri or St. Tropez!

  32. Bev Chicotel

    The Dominican Republic looks good to me!

  33. Dee Washington

    Would love to visit coast of Italy!

  34. Amanda Sinrod

    LOVE this piece, would be awesome to add to the wardrobe!!!!!

  35. Lindsay

    I’d wear it where I am right now…Ibiza!!

  36. Jolanta

    I’d wear it everywhere…LOL

  37. Catrina

    i’ve been hoping you would do this! so excited!

  38. Chelsea

    This print caftan is so adorable. Perfect for the beach, boardwalk, or tropical paradise. Heck it’s so cute I might just wear it around the house as my pajamas.

  39. Kate


  40. Caryn

    Hopefully some lovely island this winter!

  41. Kelsey R.

    Love this! It would be perfect for a beach vacation

  42. Kelly

    Love this! Hope to win it so I can wear it on our Sept. beach vacay!

  43. Erin Cronier

    I would love to wear this in Cabo in October 🙂

  44. Erin Bullington

    My dream is to go to New Zealand. This would look great walking the beaches!

  45. rachel

    So gorgeous LOVE IT

  46. Abbey

    Perfect for my honeymoon 🙂

  47. Queenie

    Love this and would love to win it!

  48. Anonymous


  49. JessK

    Beaching ! Love it

  50. Kristin


  51. Meredith Parker

    I actually would love a vacay in the Domican!

  52. Ashley

    Would love to wear this at any beach!!

  53. Pat

    Obsessed!!! Love it!!

  54. Amanda

    LOVE this! Take me to the beach…

  55. Lacy

    Would love to wear this in the Cape when I there for a weekend trip from Atlanta

  56. Cathy

    I would love to win and wear this to Puerto Rico every year.

  57. Abby Dorsett

    Dreaming of this for a roof top pool party in Chicago (yes, you are invited Miss Dana!) This piece would be the perfect transition into cooler summer evenings. Polar Vortex has continued to grace us through a Chicago Summer, but with this little gem I’d be set!

  58. Cristine B

    Love this

  59. Laila Hall

    Dreaming of the Dominican Republic!

  60. Lindsey

    Would wear this to the beach all summer!

  61. Katie


  62. Anna

    I love Andi!!!! She’s so fabulous and she is friends with the brilliant ladies behind Show Me Your Mumu. She obviously has great taste considering this beautiful scarf print caftan is gorgeous!! I would love to wear it on my blog!

  63. Hayley

    Would love to go to Hawaii!

  64. Rachel McNally

    So pretty! She looked great last night. I would love to wear this on vacation next month!

  65. Regan

    Would love to wear this in Hawaii!

  66. Shari

    Would love to travel to the Greek Isles!

  67. Lori

    I would love to win this!!! 🙂

  68. Ashley Vibert

    I’d love to wear this to Greece!! Dream Vacation for sure!

  69. Holly P.

    Paris is my dream location to visit.

  70. Amanda Starr

    I am traveling to Vegas in September and this would be PERFECT for a day by the pool!! In loveee with this dress!

  71. Jessica

    So glad you followed the season and posted her clothes! I loved the fashion this season!!

  72. Melisa

    Would love to wear this on my trip to Greece in August!

  73. Kelsey

    I die! Love.

  74. Kristin Golemon

    LOVE this caftan! Need it so badly!

  75. Kelly Anne Johnson

    Totes adorbs!! I want one…fingers crossed 😀

  76. JanaM

    perfect for BVIs!

  77. Nicole

    Somewhere tropical

  78. Meredith

    Love that caftan!! I would wear it somewhere tropical

  79. Jessica

    I could Not believe how “salty” nick still was! He just wanted closure, but unfortunately it’s a tv show!! I’d love this beautiful cover up 🙂

  80. Rachel Kane

    So obsessed with caftans!

  81. Simone

    Thailand! I would love to ride an elephant.

  82. Savanna Brooke

    The Bahamas would be my dream vacation!!

  83. nicole

    WOuld love to go to Bali!

  84. Bailey Fielder

    I have always dreamed of travelling to Australia!

  85. Cadie

    I would love to wear this in Capri. My friend was there a few weeks ago and her pictures were simply amazing. I’ve been to Italy before, but not Capri, and it’s definitely on my bucket list! What a beautiful little outfit this would make!

  86. Isabelle L

    It would be so pretty to bring to the beach in NIcaragua!

  87. Amy

    I need this to cover up the summer of bad eating choices.

  88. Mary

    Would love to wear this on my upcoming vacation to Bermuda!

  89. Alicia

    I wanna win! Pick me!

  90. Marianne

    Dreaming of traveling to Fiji again!

  91. Sandy

    I would love to go back to Sandals…

  92. Stef

    Would love this for Mexico this winter!

  93. Lauren

    I have a Thanksgiving island planned and would love Andi’s outfits. The cutest clothes episode yet!

  94. Laurel Wolcott

    I am in love! SO thankful you post these sort of giveaways! She is my favorite Bachelorette yet!

  95. Laurel Wolcott

    Traveling to any islands…dreaming dreaming dreaming

  96. Kirsten

    Love it! Would be perfect for a trip to Greece

  97. Laurel

    Would be amazing to win!

  98. Andrea

    I would love to wear this on a beach in California!

  99. lexi

    Lol Andi needs to get a restraining order on Nick!! He is cray

  100. Kathleen

    Love to wear it anywhere tropical!

  101. Rose

    LOVE the colorful caftan!!!

  102. Brooke Keller

    Wouldn’t I just be the most glamorous person at the kiddie pool! Ha!

  103. jill

    St. Barths

  104. whitney


  105. Amber

    really need this

  106. Lacey Lewandowski

    My honeymoon in positano! In October!

  107. Erin


  108. Anna

    I would love to go to the Dominican Republic like Andi on this season!!

  109. Marty

    Would love to stroll around on the pier in San Andres, Colombia, on the Caribbean coast. This world be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. Lauren Brumley

    Rosemary Beach, Florida!

  111. Annie

    Luckily I’m not just dreaming, I’m heading to Guatemala/Honduras/Nicaragua/Costa Rica in 2 days!

  112. Danielle

    Riviera Maya, Mexico and maybe Costa Rica – this would be perfect!

  113. Lexi

    so beautiful!! Perfect for south florida!

  114. Elyse G.

    I’m dreaming of traveling on my honeymoon (it looks like we are going to Hawaii!)

  115. Samantha

    I’ve loved following your Bachelorette fashions throughout the series, as for dreaming of traveling, it would have to be to Costa Rica.

  116. kristen

    After I have this baby this week – I would love to get back into a swim suit with this over it!

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