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Jewelry is like candy or your husband’s hairline:

More is always better.

Over the past few years, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of fashion jewelry, thanks in no small part to Charm and Chain, one of the best curated collections of fashion jewelry on the Internet. Charm & Chain is responsible for a sizable portion of my jewelry collection (not to mention the deficit in my checkbook) and features some of the coolest jewelry I’ve seen from emerging and established designers including Dannijo,  Alexis Bittar,  Jennifer ZeunerKenneth Jay LaneLulu Frost and more.

On any given Saturday, my friends know they can always knock on my door for the perfect statement necklace or cocktail ring. But, since not all of you live near me, I wanted to create a giveaway that would let one of you become the most popular house on the block. I’ve partnered with Charm & Chain, to give away a collection of their summer best sellers from Kendra Scott, House of Harlow and Piper Strand worth almost $350.

One lucky Possessionista will win the Kendra Scott Harlow necklace ($195) Tropical Bangles ($48) these must-have double ball earrings ($36) both by Piper Strand and a House of Harlow Abalone sunburst cocktail ring ($70)  to wear and share with your other best friends.

Second only to me, naturally.

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69 thoughts on “Win it! Charm and Chain bestseller giveaway

  1. Abby Draper

    My friends always want to borrow my sheer knit black Vince top! Which would go perfectly with this jewelry 😉

  2. Becca C

    Love this jewelry. I need to up my bracelet game.

  3. Taylor

    My friends know they can always come to me and borrow any of my Kendra Scott earrings.

  4. Amanda

    I am actually more of the borrower. My collection needs help!!

  5. kelly iacovacci

    love these pieces, so beautiful

  6. Sandy

    Books or movies… I have a huge collection of both!!!

  7. Nicole

    My friends know they can always borrow anything from my closet… Especially from my gown collection!

  8. Jenessa S.

    I’ve never had anyone ask to borrow clothes or jewelry (wonder what that says about my stuff??)…but I definitely lend books, all the time!

  9. Kelli


  10. Elizabeth

    I have a pretty diverse collection of statement jewelry so friends always know they can come to me to borrow an item for their big event. I also have a huge collection of bags and shoes so I can help finish off the accessories. Always looking for new items though!

  11. Holly P.

    My friends are always wanting to borrow my statement jewelry pieces like my chunky necklaces or bracelets.

  12. Dana

    Love this stuff! I don’t normally budget for jewelry so this would be perfect.

  13. Iibby

    My friends always come over to borrow clothes for a night out!

  14. Halé O.

    My friends tend to shop my closet often, whether on the hunt for a cute top or the perfect earrings. Sharing with your friends is the way to go. They are always brutally honest when it comes to what looks great and what looks ratchet! Love your blog!!

  15. Erin Bullington

    My friends know that they can borrow my books. We love to borrow each other’s books

  16. Sarah

    Probably mostly clothes. I’m seriously lacking in the jewelry department!

  17. Malisa

    My friends and I trade jewelry for special events frequently.

  18. Caryn

    My friends always borrow books from me

  19. Cassie

    Obsessed with your blog, thanks for setting up all these give aways!

  20. Katie George

    My friends can always borrow my accessories-but I’m really the one who usually does the borrowing!

  21. Kyle

    My friends know they can borrow anything from me. I’m a pusher- when I love something I want everyone to share the love. It’s quite possibly annoying.

  22. Mary

    My friends love to borrow my books and (if they’re the same size) my shoes!

  23. Leigh Anne Turner

    My friends know they can always borrow my shoes!!

  24. Lindsay

    I seriously need to step up my accessory game! Thanks for the opportunity, Dana. 🙂

  25. Katie

    We borrow jewelry- especially Kendra Scott!

  26. Allison Myers

    Lucky for me, my husband’s hairline is in pretty good shape. But I still need more jewelry. Especially all of these items.

  27. Stephanie

    My friends know they can always borrow anything I own… as long as they give it back!

  28. Lindsay

    Pretty much anything! I have the largest closet out of my friends that they joke they’re going to go shopping in there.

  29. Cayla Cameron

    My friends know they can always borrow anything from my closet!

  30. Mara

    My friends love to go thru my closet for cocktail dresses!

  31. Kate C


  32. Caitlyn

    My friends know they can always borrow my shoes! Or regular clothes! But I have tons of shoes. I wish I had more jewelry 😉 Ty for this chance!

  33. Phoebe

    I have dope style

  34. jolanta

    I wish I had more jewelry and my husband had more hair…LOL

  35. Anoj

    I want everything on their site ! Appreciate this giveaway 🙂

  36. Hayley

    Usually jewellery or sunglasses!

  37. Sarah

    I’m a big Charm & Chain fan! (AND I love your blog, but that goes without saying.) Hope I win!

  38. Linda

    My friends like to borrow my clothes.

  39. Becca

    Scrubs…my friends can borrow my scrubs, of which I have many, since there’s rarely a day they aren’t soiled from everything live I’m working with or stained beyond recognition for similar reasons. I love jewelry and to dress up unisex looking scrubs with something feminine, but I’m first to admit I have so little of that to wear myself or share and borrow! Love Charm & Chain!! Hopefully and happily they’ll be as lovely when I’m no longer a student.

  40. Teagan

    They know they can borrow almost anything!

  41. julie

    I’ve been lusting after that Kendra Scott necklace for about a lifetime now, I so hope I win. And I let my friends borrow whatever they want, because I’m cool like that. But don’t get it twisted, if they don’t return it in a timely manner, I’ll hunt they a*s down!

  42. Lauren

    A cute top & statement necklace!

  43. Elyse G.

    My friends know that I am always willing to loan them dresses and accessories. *fingers crossed*

  44. kristen mcclary

    my earing i have tons and they love them but they know they need to clean them with alcohol before and after

  45. Rebecca

    My shoes or purses!

  46. Christy Peeples DuBois

    My youngest daughter is always borrowing my swimming suits and tops so I never have the swimming suit in my drawer when I want it!! Just one of the pleasures of being a mother. I do not have any friends that borrow my jewelry.

  47. Melanie

    Shoes or bags!

  48. Jianna

    People are always borrowing my dresses. Or having me take their dresses in for an event. I sometimes don’t get my dresses back for over a year.

  49. Kristin t


  50. emily

    My friends are always borrowing my tops! I live closest to our favorite going out spots so we all gather together before leaving and my shirts seem to always inspire a new outfit for someone.

  51. Char

    Loves all of this!! I am addicted to this website……and jewelry. I may have a problem. yikes!!

  52. Anna

    My friends can always borrow one of my dresses or my books!

  53. jordan

    They can borrow my peppy spirit and personality… lol I hate borrowing out my clothes.

  54. RoseMary

    Love the jewelry!!!

  55. RoseMary

    Love the jewelry!!! Wow…my fashionable 18 yr old niece would love all these pieces!

  56. erica

    my friends know that they can always borrow a book! (most of the time anyways haha)

  57. Jordan

    My friends always know they can borrow my jewelry, but shoes are off limits! 😉

  58. Sarah

    Preeeetty much whatever they want. I’d draw the line at underwear.

  59. lauren c

    A girl can never have too many jewels!

  60. Carley

    That ring is amazing!!

    1. Carley

      And my friends actually tend to borrow my jewelry, too.

  61. Deanna

    My necklace collection is ridiculous & I’ve lent out plenty of them! Somehow I have nothing turquoise and that necklace would make the perfect addition to my stash though.

  62. Katie

    My friends know they can always borrow pretty much anything from me. I do have my limits though! Haha

  63. Yuchen Sha

    I have a TON of dresses and all of my friends like to borrow them for any occasion 🙂

  64. Jenna O

    Books. I have a lot of them!

  65. Anonymous

    My friends know they can always borrow a pair of my shoes!

  66. Abi

    My friends know they can always borrow a pair of my shoes!

  67. Nicole

    Would LOVE to win this jewelry!

  68. leslie


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