Andi Dorfman’s red romper

Andi Dorfman's red romper: Rory Beca  Look for Less: ASOS
Andi Dorfman’s red romper: Rory Beca
Look for Less: ASOS

“Hi I see you’re following Andi Dorfman and figuring out where all of her clothes are from. By any chance have you found out where the red romper she wore in NYC yesterday 9/29/14 is from. I desperate to find out! thanks! – Bianca”

This is it! I’m serious you guys. This is the post where some non-Bachelorette watching reader will email me or post on Facebook saying, “can you please write about someone besides Andi Dorfman,” and then I’ll get all defensive and my face will turn as red as this romper and I’ll have to post about last night’s Royal Pains fashion, because, at the core of it all, I’m a pleaser.

See all of Andi Dorfman’s bachelorette fashion. Or don’t if  you don’t watch the show. No one is MAKING you read this.


6 thoughts on “Andi Dorfman’s red romper

  1. Cara

    Do you know about her white dress and gold skirt on her press tour?

  2. Stephanie

    This red romper is actually from fab’rik Boutique in Atlanta, where Andi lives. I work at the store she got it at 🙂 it’s only $62. Our website is and lists all our locations people can call to ask if it’s still available to order!

    1. Anonymous

      I was just about to say the say thing as Stephanie!

  3. Cerise

    You tell ’em, tiger. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  4. Stephanie

    I just ordered it from Fabrik! I can’t wait to get it in the mail!

    1. Anonymous

      Which stores currently have it?? I want to call and order it too!

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