Mistresses fashion from Open House

jossblackpinkScreen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.43.15 AMLAMB_blue_suit_on_body_2_944b1e18-4dff-495d-be2a-8615e36cf2d3_1024x1024

Joss’s black cut out top: Red

Pink tuxedo pants: LAMB (available in blue)

You know the expression, “the blind leading the blind?”

Well in the case of Mistresses, it’s more like the Joss leading the blind.

Joss, who is absolutely not qualified to tell anyone how to live is dispensing advice like tic tacs in a Mexican restaurant.

This week, she drove Karen to utter humiliation asking out her former co-worker, and got one step closer to probably banging her sister’s ex-husband. Also Savi and Harry finally sold their house and April, once again, met a man with a double life.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one day soon we find April on an episode of Catfish.

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Savi’s lace sleeve top: Marissa Webb (on sale!)


April’s scarf print halter: Clover Canyon (img source: Life on the Squares)




April’s floral maxi: Vince Camuto


Savi’s pleated front blouse: Joie


Karen’s black date dress: Reiss


Joss’s skull baseball tee: Denim and Supply


Joss’s print kimono: Band of Gypsies (see other colors by the same designer)josscoverupScreen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.27.39 PM

Savi’s white coverup: J Saldi. $26 take additional 20% off with code JUNE

2 thoughts on “Mistresses fashion from Open House

  1. Sarah

    I think you’re mixing up Savi and Joss!

    1. Dana Weiss

      Thank you! Yes, I meant Joss. Bonehead. (me. not you)

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