Mistresses Fashion: clothes from Mistresses episode 2


Savi’s green tweed jacket

Marissa Webb (on sale!)

Mistresses, as a title, not as a show, is a little like my Facebook profile picture.

Once totally accurate, but now kind of outdated.

As we cruise into season two, none of the aforementioned Mistresses are actually Mistressing at all. Savi is now consciously uncoupled with Harry. Sure Dom is dipping his pen in the company ink, but they’re in a committed relationship. There are hints that, maybe trouble is brewing as Savi’s office mate Teresa Giudice has her eye on Dom, but for now?

No Mistresses.

Karen isn’t dating anyone older or younger than her? In fact, she’s not dating anyone at all. She may be having a nervous breakdown at the prospect of her ex-lovers’ mother/wife being up for parole (so soon? I know) but for now?

No Mistresses.

Then there’s Joss, who seems to have jumped right into the party planning business. She’s not dating either. No men. No women. Even Punky Brewster turned her down. The closest thing she has to being a mistress is sneaking around with her ex-brother-in-law who is her catering partner, but so far, no chemistry there.

No Mistresses.

In fact, the only person getting any action is April, with the super hot artist who doesn’t appear to be married or investing much in the way of clothing or hair product. In fact, he may be a free spirit and a bit of of a mystery, but he doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything that would get him a reality TV show tell all and an appointment with Dr. Wexler now that True Tori is over.

No Mistresses.

So maybe it’s time to change the title of this show (and my Facebook profile picture) to something a little more current and indicitive of what this show is really about.

Middle aged people making bad decisions.

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Joss’s print dress

Exact: Versace (old)

Look for less: Clover Canyon (on sale)


Savi’s print blouse

Prabal Gurung

Alyssa Milano Mona Necklace Web  Mistresses-Necklace

Savi’s silver link necklace: Robyn Rhodes



Joss’ striped sweater: Free People

Joss’s cut offs: Free people


Joss’s honeycomb sleeve: Nameless


April’s zig zag wrap dress: Emma & MIchele Burlington Coat Factory

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2 thoughts on “Mistresses Fashion: clothes from Mistresses episode 2

  1. Ghazaleh

    Yes! I didn’t realize this show is back on! Looking forward to catching up… I know I should be ashamed of myself!


  2. Brandi

    Do you know where to find the GREEN necklace/pendant that April was wearing with the red peplum top at the end of the episode???

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