Summer reading list

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Back in January, I posted some of my favorite books from last year, and now that the weather has turned nicer, I thought everyone might appreciate an update for how to spend your warm summer afternoons when it’s just you and your Kindle.

It’s a patchwork mix of quirky personalities, quick reads, deep thoughts, romance, comedy, tragedy, dystopia and, above all, total escape from real life, perfect for whiling away those warm summer days, curled up in the sun.

Want to judge a book by its cover? Click on any of the images below to read more about each book. Think you know of a book I’d like? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below:


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10 thoughts on “Summer reading list

  1. Michelle Sokolowski

    I just finished reading Eleanor & Park yesterday. It was so heartfelt and so good!!!

  2. Jenni

    I highly recommend the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy – it is AMAZING. Hands down best books I’ve read this year, and probably last year too.

    1. Dana Weiss

      I read the first one and loved it. I hated the second one so much I never picked up the third. You think I should do it?

  3. Deena

    I was just composing my post for tomorrow about my summer read list…gonna borrow your idea of using my goodreads stuff…didn’t even think about that. Thanks!

  4. mindaa

    I really enjoyed The Rosie Project! Thanks for the other suggestions 🙂
    His Favorite Regret (Sydney Strand) is a cute, quick read. An older one that I really liked was Honolulu (Alan Brennert)

  5. Ashley

    Have you read A Fault in our Stars? Amazing!

    I just finished Husband’s Secret so good, very thought provoking!!

    Thanks for the recommendations!!

    1. Ashley

      Sorry just realized it was listed in your January post!

  6. Sandy

    Hahah…that’s exactly how I’m feeling about the second book of Smoke and Bone series… I’m trying to listen in the car with my two hour commute and I just can’t face listening to it. So disappointing! 🙁

    Thank you for sharing your book recs… it’s nice to have books to check out that I haven’t heard of! (Love Flowers in the Attic and the whole book series…)

    Have you tried Brain on Fire (an interesting memoir), Invention of Wings, the Winter People (kinda creepy but a page turner), or Doctor Sleep (good sequel to the Shining)?

  7. Sarah

    check out Kate Morton
    My favorites were The Secret Keeper and The Forgotten Garden, but the other two were excellent as well. Plus I love a good series it keeps me occupied for a while!

  8. Charlie Saffro

    Hi Dana-
    My top three books of the year!
    A Hundred Summers
    A Life In Men
    Promise of Stardust

    Check them out!!!

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