Andi Dorfman’s rings on the Bachelorette


Andi Dorfman’s gold ring:

Susanne Elizabeth

Nearly every season of the Bachelor, one woman leaves the show with a ring. And while it’s not Neil Lane, I’m excited to say that one Possessionista reader is also going to get a new ring, just for being a fan of the Bachelorette.

Bachelorette jewelry designer Suzanne Elizabeth – who also designed pieces for Ali FedotowskyΒ and Des HartsockΒ created Andi’s pair of knot and square gold rings she wore on this week’s episode of the Bachelorette.

To win Andi’s gold square ring, enter below. Just like on the Bachelorette, one person gets a ring, but nobody ends up getting married.

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151 thoughts on “Andi Dorfman’s rings on the Bachelorette

  1. Sarah

    Loved her rings on the episode – big fan of simple pieces!

    1. Sarah

      … and Josh M for the win!

  2. Rachel

    I say the farmer!!!

  3. megan

    honestly, none of the guys have been memorable enough for me to have a favorite yet. although, cookie guy was fun. but idk his name.

  4. Shelly Mo

    The Farmer!!!!

  5. Aliya

    I loveeee Josh!!! Although Eric would have been my favorite as well, he’s adorable.

  6. Kelsey

    I’m from Iowa, so Chris is stealing the show right now!

  7. Michelle

    No one! You can find someone without being on a show and making out with a bunch of guys! haha

  8. Robin

    I was eying this ring! So glad you found it.

  9. Sonia

    The one from Dallas is adorable!

  10. Erin

    I say no one- she’s too good for all of em πŸ™‚

  11. Sarah

    I think she should choose Nick V!

  12. Meredith Lindale

    I noticed her ring right away when I was watching the show. I’m so excited for the giveaway!

  13. Anonymous

    Gotta say that the farmer seems very genuine! Would be a great catch for Andi πŸ™‚

  14. Ashley Taylor

    Too early to tell! πŸ™‚

  15. Justine

    As of now, I pick Chris!

  16. Rebekah


  17. Kim Pincombe Cole

    Sadly, so far I like Eric the best. And since we know she sends him home at some point (and he passes in an unfortunate accident), that’s not going to happen…

  18. Jen

    Nick V!

  19. Melinda

    It is a little early…but I’m liking the farmer!

  20. Olga

    I have no idea yikes!

  21. A Singrey

    I like Marcus. The farmer, Chris, was great too!

  22. Rebecca Swanson

    Chris is my pick!

  23. Allison

    Josh Murray

  24. becki

    I like the farmer! He seems sweet

  25. Ali C


  26. Beth

    I love this ring!

  27. Laura McClellan

    I have Brian and Chris as the top 2 in my bracket. (I mean, what? I don’t have a bracket…)

  28. Kara Swofford

    I love this ring… such a simple statement piece. Just my style

  29. Talar

    Love the ring! I pick Josh for the win!

  30. Anonymous

    I was hoping Craig would have made it through. he would have been a great choice….

  31. Rachel

    The farmer!

  32. Caryn

    None of them are memorable enough for me to remember their names, but potentially the farmer?

  33. Jenessa S.

    Love simple, elegant pieces like this!

  34. Jenessa S.

    Also…she should pick Farmer Chris!

  35. Rachel

    LOVE that ring! I am a total Josh fan… even though they look like brother and sister (creepy).

  36. Kristi

    I love Josh M but I don’t think she’ll pick him. I’m leaning towards Marcus

  37. Katie

    I’m going with Marcus!!

  38. Kate

    I loved her date with Chris but I think Andi is feeling Josh… she keeps saying he’s her type and it shows!

    Hope I win!!!!

  39. Alison

    I’m really liking Marcus and Josh!

  40. Biana Perez

    I love Josh M and totally love her style!! She’s up there with Ashley & Jillian as my favorites!

  41. Elyse G.

    I think she should choose Josh. *fingers crossed*

  42. Kim

    Love the ring!

  43. Kristin

    I just hope she doesn’t pick the pro baseball player. That is so cliche and I feel like she would just be picking the hot guy and not a genuinely nice guy.

  44. Michelle Sokolowski

    I think Josh M or Nick is right for her!

  45. Rachana

    Super cute ring!

  46. cassie

    Dylan! Boston love

  47. jillian

    ill be honest im not a fan of the show….but i love this ring! xo jillian

  48. Maria

    Love Andi!

    She needs to either pick Josh M or send him my way!

    You’re awesome Dana!

  49. Kelly

    love these rings!

  50. Weeza

    I think she can’t resist Josh, plus she looks just like his family!

  51. Ashley livek

    I loove this ring! I think she’s going to choose the hot farmer from Iowa! They seem to have a good chemistry!

  52. ashley


  53. Kelsey

    Your tweets are hilarious thanks for doing a Giveaway!!!

  54. Erin K

    I hope she picks Chris. He’s so genuine and cute!

  55. Annie

    Definitely Marcus for the win!

  56. Ally


  57. Leslie

    I vote for the farmer!

  58. Kayla Beiler

    Josh M. and OHHH what a beautiful ring!

  59. Becca

    I like Chris or Marquel πŸ˜€

  60. Missy

    Love it!

  61. Stacie

    I’m liking the farmer and the baseball player (Mike

  62. heidi

    love the ring!
    I am guessing Josh the baseball played or Marcus.
    I really liked Eric, it’s so sad..

  63. Jessica

    I love Josh M for her

  64. Shannon

    I would choose Marcus! What a cutie!

  65. amanda

    Marcus is definitely cute, but Chris seems so sweet. Right now, I say it’s a tie!

  66. Gen

    I like Chris and I think Marquel is hysterical.

  67. Becky

    I like both Josh and Marcus. Love the Simplicity of the square ring, so fashionable!

  68. Kristen

    Marcus Marcus Marcus!

  69. Lauren

    Josh M!

  70. Kelly

    Marcus for sure!

  71. Natalie

    I like the teacher/basketball coach πŸ™‚

  72. Jennifer C

    Josh! πŸ™‚

  73. Kristin t


  74. Jill

    My vote is for Josh

  75. Alea

    Love her simple jewellery this season!

  76. Tiana

    I’m rooting for Josh!

  77. Nickie Mackoway

    She should choose none of them… Cuz they’re all creepy.

  78. Annie

    I was drooling over this ring during the episode. So happy to see this giveaway.

  79. Maria Drenckhahn

    I am thinking she should choose Chris the farmer! Wish I could have been Eric. πŸ™

    1. Maria Drenckhahn

      Wish it*

  80. Tara

    I like Marcus! Love the ring!!

  81. Keri

    I like the farmer, but I think she will choose the baseball player.

  82. Katie

    My vote is for the farmer! (It’s still early though… Plenty of time for him to turn on the stalker within)

  83. Amy

    I love Andy’s square ring!!

  84. Taylor W

    Andi should pick Marcus or Josh M.

    Saw her ring and am obsessed with it!

  85. Rebecca R

    I’m definitely seeing Marcus and Josh M as front runners.

  86. Claire

    Love this simple & delicate ring. & Andi should choose the farmer!

  87. Amy


  88. Sarah

    Love the ring and I like Andi and Josh M together!

  89. Kristina


  90. Heidi

    Love Andi’s ring!

  91. Elizabeth

    I’m for the farmer…but still plenty of time for that to change… Always love your bachelorette fashion posts!!!

  92. Emily


  93. Becky

    Choose Chris the farmer!

  94. Julie Johnson

    Josh for the win!

  95. Kelsey

    Josh for the fiance and Chris for the next Bachelor!

  96. monika

    I love the simplicity of this ring. So cute.

  97. KimberlyH

    I really like Nick although I know he’s definitely not going to make it all the way….

  98. jill

    Too early for me to decide. Stoked about the ring though! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  99. Allison D

    Love that ring!!

  100. stephanee

    I would love to see Andi with the farmer!

  101. Kaitlyn

    I love your blog!!! Thanks for doing another giveaway, the ring is gorgeous!

  102. Katie A.

    Such pretty rings!

  103. Katie A.

    Should have read the directions before I posted! She should choose Craig… NOT!!! I really like Chris the farmer πŸ™‚

  104. Maria D.

    The Bachelorette is my favorite show that you cover πŸ™‚

  105. Maria D.

    I wish Andi could choose Eric…he has been my favorite since the fist impression

  106. Val

    Marcus or the farme!

  107. Emily

    Love that ring!!

  108. Susanne


  109. Maria

    Cute ring, I am loving Andi’s style this season

  110. Kallen

    love love andi and the ring!

  111. Meghan

    The farmer! Love love love that ring!!!

  112. Jenni

    I like josh. And love the ring!!

  113. Hayley


  114. Ka'ili

    Josh M. is pretty high in my book, but I do like Marcus and Chris πŸ™‚

  115. Rebecca

    This ring is so cute!

  116. Michelle

    Love the ring!! I’m saying Marcus just because she’s seemed so interested in him from the beginning

  117. Funmi

    Love your blog, fashion + bitching = a perfect combination

  118. lesley

    love the rings! i have no ‘favorites’ yet for the guys. brian seems like he has potential!

  119. Stacie

    I’ve liked most of her wardrobe so far but the rose ceremony dress from last week was too bedazzled.

  120. Lauren

    I think I like her with Marcus, to be honest. Josh seems like a front runner but he’s kinda douchey.

  121. Christina


  122. Jocelyn

    It’s too early to say. I can’t remember who any of them are yet.

  123. Lauren C

    Love Marcus!!!

  124. Amanda

    I like the farmer!!

  125. Jan A

    Josh M!

  126. Pat

    Marcus all the way!!!! Love Andi’s style!!

  127. Julia

    I love Eric. It makes me sad to watch his vivaciousness and know that he has passed.

  128. Kelley

    Love that ring

  129. Whitney

    Josh M for sure is going to win πŸ™‚

  130. Melissa L.

    Love the ring!

  131. Kelsey

    That ring is awesome! I’d love to be the lucky winner. πŸ™‚

  132. Jenna

    I like Josh Murray – so I hope she chooses him in the end!

  133. Linda

    Andy should choose Josh M.

  134. Aimee

    I love the Farmer!!

  135. Sarah Van Horn

    I think she should choose Josh M. They are in the same town and seem to have that insta attraction. I also am loving Nick V though and of course Eric.

  136. Jolie Bess

    Hmmm, I’m not sure. The ring is adorable though.

  137. Jen

    The farmer – so genuine!

  138. Bree Bowen

    Marcus! He is amazingly hot and seems the most sincere πŸ™‚

  139. Sandra

    Cute ring! I love simple jewelry pieces…

  140. Hannah


  141. Natalie M.

    At this point, no one!

  142. Anna

    Chris the farmer is super sweet and definitely my favourite. Though, their first date reminded me a lot of Clare hahaha. He’s still very genuine though and what a bod!

  143. Mary

    Josh seems most suited to her so far, for sure.

  144. Elizabeth M

    My vote is on the farmer!!

  145. Kourtney

    The Explorer!

  146. Liza

    I think Chris!

  147. em

    Andi should totally pick Chris, the country boy. They’re always down to earth and he’ll never let her down. Not to mention, he’s a cutie. Can’t go wrong here, Andi!

  148. Erica

    Def Josh

  149. Fiona.R.

    Win Josh M!!!!!

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