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It feels like these days, anyone can be a designer. The only thing standing in the way of your being the next designer of shoes, clothing or alcohol is name recognition and a good agent. Everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Kristin Cavallari is now a designer – so why not you, too?

I know how difficult it can be to find the right bag for that next big event. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked for the exact cheetah clutch, or nautical inspired crossbody or a giant black bag to fit my laptop and my wallet and sunglasses. The truth is, more often than not, the right bag just doesn’t exist.

31_LargeTriangleTipblack_smooth_black_lizardA few weeks ago I was introduced to Wink & Winn, an emerging handbag line that lets you custom design the bag of your dreams.

I’ll admit it, I was skeptical. I’ve seen these “design your own bag” companies before – the ones that make chintz bags and paisley fabric that look more like Vera Bradley than Valentino.

But Wink & Winn is the real deal, you guys. They invited me to design my own bag, and sent me sample swatches of all the fabrics so I could confirm for myself that they’re using buttery leathers and ultra soft suedes, lush pony hair and luxe metal hardware that won’t tarnish over time.

Wink & Winn is graciously offering one Possessionista the opportunity to design her own bag (up to $400 value.) Head over to Wink and Winn to play around on their bag design app (I’ve spent more than my fair share of time tooling around on it; it’s highly addictive.) and then enter below to win the chance to design your own.

Disclaimer: I was able to design my own bag with Wink & Winn gratis. I was not required to review the product and did not receive compensation in exchange. The opinions expressed in this post are all mine. Which includes thinking that Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line is totally overpriced for what it is.
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66 thoughts on “Win a bag from Wink & Winn

  1. Kristin

    Great contest. I’d never heard of Wink and Winn. LOVE the small duffle!

  2. jillian

    love this giveaway! would love to design a small duffle bag! xo jillian

  3. katie

    I love the V Clutch in blue lizard grain – its very unique!

  4. Sharon McKellar

    Really really interested in the V Clutch!!

  5. Kate C

    I have the perfect dress I would love to make a bag for!

  6. Lisa Bayer

    I love the small duffle! Seems like this is way better than some of those other design your own bag sites!

  7. Nina

    So fun! I’d love to win!

  8. Ashley Peek

    LOVE the V Clutch! could work for a kick-off party I have for work!

  9. Jenessa S

    I’ve never heard of Wink and Winn…but it sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sara

    Triangle Tip Tote would be my bag of choice

  11. Emma

    I love the V clutch !! That would be awesome to have!!

  12. Christie Ray Harrison

    I love the North and South tote! So useful and cute.

  13. Courtney

    This looks amazing!

  14. Anonymous

    I think I’d go Satchel shape… Probably with some leopard print… But oh I’d spend HOURS dreaming first!!!!

  15. Libby Morris

    I would definitely pick the bucket bag. I’d do a combo of black and brown leather so I can wear it with everything.

  16. Nicole

    I think I’d go Satchel shape with some leopard print. But I’d spend HOURS dreaming first!!!

  17. Leslie Scott

    I woudl choose a really bright color… to kick off spring/summer!

  18. Kate

    I’ve never heard of Wink and Winn before… thanks for the information! I would love the crossbody or the small duffle! Great shapes and what an awesome concept!

  19. Tracy

    I’d go with a saffiano red small duffle

  20. Caitlin

    Great giveaway. I am always searching for a great tote to hold all of my crap. So I would go with the North South tote.

  21. Sari

    The small duffle looks amazing. And I’d choose something other than black, for a change.

  22. Chelsey

    I would be so grateful to win any bag!

  23. Sarah Eisinger

    Can never have too many small duffle bags! Use them all the time!

  24. Brittany S.

    Either a custom small triangle tip tote or the large duffel

  25. Amy P

    I love that North South tote. Oh my gosh, I could have a lot of fun designing one of those! Thank you for the giveaway.

  26. Chelsea

    I would pick this one!
    The Small Triangle Tip Tote in horsehair large tan leopard, black saffiano, beige smooth leather with gold hardware.

  27. Stephanie

    Obsessed with the V Clutch!!!!

  28. Kim Pincombe Cole

    Holy Insane! I just spent about an hour designing different bags. So. Much. Fun. (although my family just asked me where dinner was, so maybe not so much fun for them!)
    I think I like the Small Duffle the best. But I’m known to change my mind. 🙂

  29. Nancy

    Love and could totally use the North South Tote!

  30. Christina

    Love this idea!! Awesome give away!

  31. Maria

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks Dana! I’m loving your bachelor recaps this season.

  32. Heidi

    I love the small duffle! What a cool website especially for a purse lover like me.

  33. Amber J

    Love the large triangle tip tote! Perfect for trips across the globe.

  34. Lauren c

    Love these bags! So many choices!


    This is a great giveaway!! I would love the opportunity to design my own bag.

  36. Taylor W

    This is an amazing company. Impressed. I would choose the V Clutch or Crossbody.

  37. Verena

    I’d go with the satchel or the triangle tip tote! 🙂

  38. Robyn R.

    I love the crossbody and the east west tote

  39. Ashley

    I love the North South Tote!

  40. Jianna

    Design my own bag. Hell ya! I don’t even know how I would decide.

  41. Julie L

    If I somehow won, I would get the Small Duffle! ( I already spent about an hour playing aroud on the design app- I Love it!)

  42. Kelsey

    Designing my own bag?? What could be better!

  43. Rust

    I love the Bucket Bag.

  44. Jess

    Would love to design the crossbody…would use off white lizard, brown, and black! Timeless classic!

  45. April C.

    I love the bucket bag!!!! What a fun and creative site! Love the customization idea!

  46. Rachel S.

    I love the small duffle bag!

  47. Kelly

    I love the V Clutch!!

  48. Megan

    Love the crossbody and the V Clutch!

  49. Alexandra

    Love the bags–would be happy to win any of them!

  50. Kate

    I like the large duffle.

  51. karen

    awesome–thank you!

  52. Leslyn

    I’d probably want the Triangle Tip Tote! Love this giveaway!

  53. diandra

    I love the small triangle tip tote!

  54. Cerise (Dana)

    Another cool giveaway!! I’d prob design a satchel in a bright color. 🙂

  55. Alison

    What a great giveaway,…very cool!! I always love a good handbag and love checking out new designers!!

  56. Erin Ellen

    Awesome concept! Thanks for letting us all know about this cool site and the opportunity to win a self-designed bag!! I’m so torn between the Satchel and the Bucket Bag… don’t make my life difficult and make me have to choose… 🙂

  57. Abby

    the large duffle!

  58. Chelsea H.

    Love this concept! I am in need of a new handbag! Great giveaway!

  59. Meredith

    I definitely would pick a small triangle tip tote – so classic!

  60. Martha

    What an awesome idea! Love the samples! The East West Tote is so versatile and classic!

  61. Nancy Brett

    I love this one
    The Large Triangle Tip tote in black smooth leather, black lizardgrain with gold hardware.

  62. Johanna

    Definitely the larger duffle! Its beautiful!

  63. Erin

    Oooh how haven’t I heard of them?! Well, I’d love all of the above but if i had to choose the duffel would be more my speed. Thanks!

  64. roxy meto

    nice ste I love the idea
    and love this bag
    The Large Triangle Tip Tote in blue and beige smooth leather, royal blue suede, and gold hardware.

  65. julia frank

    I’ll choose The North South Tote in white saffiano

  66. Nicole robert

    thank you so much for this chance
    The East West tote in papaya pebble leather.

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