Sharleen Joynt’s dress, lipstick at After the Final Rose


Sharleen’s lace maxi dress from After the Final Rose

Bebe (she had it altered)

Sharleen Joynt was easily one of the most polarizing contestants on the Bachelor. People either loved her.

Or they were wrong.

The same is true about her look from After the Final Rose. Though the reviews were mixed, once again, I find myself staunchly pro-Sharleen, which makes it difficult for me to be objective about her. To wit – I loved the dress she wore (even after I learned it was from Bebe.)

Also, most. dramatic. lip. color. ever.


Want to get Sharleen Joynt’s lipstick from the Bachelor?


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9 thoughts on “Sharleen Joynt’s dress, lipstick at After the Final Rose

  1. Brandi S.

    This is a bit unrelated to her outfit, but did anyone else notice how Kat, once again, whipped her hair all over the place in Sharleen’s face at the very end of After the Rose, when they were all huddled up at the end? I felt so bad for her but thought it sort of funny that the camera caught that as she was closing her eyes with each hair whip. Oh Kat…..

  2. rebecca

    She is so classy. Loved this look! Thank u for posting!

  3. julie

    Where did Sharleen get her ATFR earrings?

  4. Cerise

    I like Sharleen looks overall. I noticed she wore a lot of dresses with no backs. But at least they had fronts unlike Nikki’s who wore no back and no front. haha

  5. Kat

    Yes, I’m also looking for Sharleen’s ATFR earrings! (and I’m not the Kat from the show!)

  6. Elena

    She should have been the Bachelorette. What a different and intelligent season it would have been…

    1. Jane

      Andi is just as intelligent and will be just as great 🙂

      1. Sarah

        I’m not so sure… Andi’s definitely a smart girl, but she’s such a phoney. Sharleen is so real.

  7. Marion

    Wonder if Sharlene was asked to be the next bachelorette. Big mistake if not. So many more people eould have watched. Andi is a princess and really insecure. I hope some guy calls her out the way she dissed JP. Really bad choice.

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