Juliette Barnes tiger print blouse on Nashville


Juliette Barnes tiger print blouse

Alice & Olivia

I’m not sure that I even particularly liked Juliette Barnes’ tiger blouse from tonight’s Nashville. I’m sure I didn’t like it enough to post it before I can even put the accompanying picture of Hayden Panettiere with it. In fact, the only reason I’m posting this at all is because I am having SERIOUS issues with the idea that anyone would cheat on Deacon with Teddy.

And, yes, I know, that maybe it’s Karma because Rayna cheated on Teddy with Deacon. But Teddy is the worst, you guys. Like, Teddy is probably responsible for those awful paintings of Maddie and Daphne in Rayna’s bedroom. Teddy only drinks Pepsi products. Teddy only leaves a tiny bit of milk in the bottom of the carton and puts it back in the refrigerator.

Teddy thinks that Let It Go is sung by Adele Dazeem.

I would pick Deacon, drunk, in the back of a pick up truck with only one shoe over Teddy.

And that is why I am posting Juliette’s tiger print blouse early. It feels good to have that off my chest.

Carry on.

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  1. Cerise

    Are you a Coke person, then?

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