Andi Dorfman’s leather shorts from the Bachelorette

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Andi Dorfman’s leather shorts: Rag & Bone

@Possessionista@AndiDorfman can we talk about those black perforated leather shorts and where I can buy some reasonably priced? – Monica via Twitter

I think people are desperate for a palette cleanser after the BachelorWhoShallNotBeNamed. Photos of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman on her initial dates are popping up everywhere, and my inbox is basically a tribute to everything that is Andi Dorfman.

I’m doing my best to avoid the spoilers (and to protect you from them too – the show is still months away) but I’m a sucker for warm weather leather. Bachelorette style guru Cary Fetman filled me in that Andi would be wearing a lot of leather this season,  and the first of it made its way to the tabloids this week.

These perforated leather shorts are super cute and I love that they’re “air conditioned” which makes them a great transition piece from spring into summer.

Based on what you’ve seen so far of Andi Dorfman’s bachelorette style are you excited for the next season on the Bachelorette? Let me know in the comments below. Check out more clothes worn on the bachelorette

Want to get Andi Dorfman’s Bachelor look without the ABC budget? Check out these other warm leather shorts options:

4 thoughts on “Andi Dorfman’s leather shorts from the Bachelorette

  1. Cerise

    Love this! Very excited to see you do more looks for less from The Bachelorette!

  2. Becca

    No…not excited for Andi’s season. In all fairness, The Bachelor/Bachelorette is not, has never been, and likely will never be “exciting” in my book. As for Andi’s fashion, and the associated dingbat factor of the show, I think she might have fared better at pursuing her law career, instead of a borderline, trashy, reality hound in 90 outfits and evening gowns. Dana’s take on the season, however, will be quite entertaining I’m sure!!

  3. Carly

    FYI! Her shoes in these pictures are Rachel Roy Paavi.

  4. Michelle

    I think the outfit looks great. The black shorts are still great especially with those shoes and that laid back shirt. Kinda rocker chic but still laid back.

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