How I Met Your Mother fashion from sunrise

lilyjacket A1382_WN0896_m

Lily’s denim hooded sweatshirt: NSF

I’m a late How I Met Your Mother adapter. I never watched the first six seasons, so I have a far shallower pool of episodes to draw from than most of you, but I still think this week’s episode, where Ted finally confessed his love to Robin was one of my favorites. It was sweet, and heartbreaking, and finally, Robin’s giant head caused her to float away.

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lilysweater giada-forte-grigio-melange-elephant-sweater-posed-260x320

Lily’s elephant sweater: Giada Forte

himym vbear3005412560_q1_1-0_336x596

Robin’s hooded jacket: Veronica Beard


  1. Why don’t you start from the beginning on Netflix? You have to see the whole series!

  2. Love your website. I know you don’t do a lot of the premium channel shows, but I would love if you considered recapping Kristen Bell’s wardrobe from House of Lies on Showtime. The show is like Entourage with management consultants and a strong female character. Plus the professional outfits are to die for and may help counter balance all the (adorable) PLL fashion for your readers. Its a great show either way but I would love to see some of the outfits here!

  3. Ugh. That blazer with the hoodie sewn in is $895!! And it sold out! Charming piece, but it’s not what I’d spend my money on. Not even if I won Powerball.

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