Cougar Town fashion from Hard on Me


Ellie’s black and white sweater (Also seen on Parenthood)

Helmut Lang

There are a lot of things that are like my personal Olympics.

The Premiere of the Bachelor.

The Golden Globes Red Carpet.

The made-for-lifetime version of Flowers in the Attic.

But you know what’s not like my personal Olympics?

The actual Olympics.

In fact the closest thing I got to any sporting event on television this week was an episode of Cougar Town where Jules’ father Coach Chick comes back to get the cul de sac crew in shape.

I mean, there was a Nike logo and everything.

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2 thoughts on “Cougar Town fashion from Hard on Me

  1. jillian

    i really love that you feature clothes from cougar town (especially ellies…which are the only ones i’d really wear), love that show! xo

  2. Emma

    Any chance of finding out where Ellie’s necklace is from? Xo

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