Bachelor Fashion: episode 6 New Zealand

exactly my thoughts
exactly my thoughts

It’s the sixth week of the Bachelor and Chris Harrison teases that the dates are down under.  Right away, I start with the sexual innuendo jokes, because it’s that easy.  I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Come on Dana, you’re above that.” But really, I’m not.

Chris Harrison says Juan Pablo’s going down under, and the date is in New Zealand and I am just about to point out that “Down Under” refers to Australia, but I Google it first to be sure, and you know what? Down Under refers to Australia and New Zealand, which proves two things.

  1.  If you don’t want to seem stupid, maybe Google stuff before you make assertions that you’re not 100% sure about; and
  2. You can learn something anywhere. Even the Bachelor

squeezeThe dates start out and Andi gets the one-on-one. Juan Pablo takes her to place called “the squeeze.”   I am slightly concerned because I really like Andi, and in Chicago “The Squeeze” refers to the trunk of a car abandoned at the O’Hare airport parking garage, which would certainly make it the most dramatic Bachelor elimination ever, but it turns out to be this super narrow canal of cold water that leads to a warm waterfall.

It’s basically so tight and narrow that I half expect them to run into James Franco sawing off his arm in 127 hours. But, nope, no amputation. Just Juan Pablo and Andi kissing in the water, because water is Juan Pablo’s one move.

Seriously, water is Juan Pablo’s “stretch and put my arm around her shoulder.”

andi-one-pieceScreen Shot 2014-02-12 at 2.19.27 PM

Andi’s one piece swimsuit

American Apparel

Also, Andi wears a one piece swimsuit, which I thought was against the rules of the Bachelor. Like, I thought the rules were no logos on your clothing and no one-piece bathing suits. Apparently Juan Pablo likes Andi’s rebellious side because she gets the rose and then a geyser blows up in her face. No, that’s not a euphemism. And actual geyser blows up in Andi’s face.

Whatever, you guys are more pervert, too.

clare-reaction-2 clare-reactionclare-reaction3

What? The one-on-one? Seriously? You guys….

The group date card is revealed and everyone’s name is called except Clare. And then Clare has this super disingenuous response where she goes, “what? I got the one-on-one date? What?” and it was like that faux humble thing that Taylor Swift does at every award show ever where she feigns surprise and all the girls are like, “go write a song about Juan Pablo, or something.”


The rest of the girls go on a group date in something called an Ogo which is basically this giant, wet ball that you roll around in for a while before it dumps you. So, in that way, it’s not that different from Juan Pablo.

Juan Pablo sets a good example for his daughter by rolling down the hill in these giant wet balls, and making out with some of the women while he does it. But it’s okay, because it’s not 4AM.

Juan Pablo’s rules, not mine.

Turns out it’s Cassandra’s 22nd birthday. So Juan Pablo has a surprise for her. NO ROSE FOR YOU CASSANDRA. Juan Pablo isn’t feeling it with the former NBA dancer, so he lets her go early. And while Juan Pablo may not have given Cassandra a birthday present, he definitely gave her a gift.

This week, Clare gets in his pants. Literally, I mean she's wearing his pants.
This week, Clare gets in his pants. Literally, I mean she’s wearing his pants.

The final one-on-one is with Clare, with whom I have really high hopes. Like, irrationally high hopes. I am hoping that Clare is going to channel her inner feminist and explain that what Juan Pablo did last week was tantamount to slut shaming and that his rules about kissing are hypocritical, and exploiting his daughter to justify his own transgressions is offensive, but instead she just wears a tight sweater and tells him she has the sadz.

Juan Pablo basically tells her that he really felt uncomfortable with their late night swim, but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings so he said yes. (Yes, yes, YES!) Then they make it clear to America that all they did was “swim” in the ocean, which is convincing nobody. And now that things are settled and this may or may not be their first fight, Juan Pablo gives Clare a pair of harem pants (not kidding) and the rose and then they “swim” on the couch a little.

At the rose ceremony, the ladies who don’t have roses are nervous. Chelsie, Renee, Nikki and Kat are vying for that last rose. The ladies know it’s go-time and Nikki wants to make sure she’s not going home, so she puts her feelings in such a way that Juan Pablo will not misunderstand.

I have transcribed their entire conversation in the hopes that David Sedaris follows Possessionista and will later do a reading of it, like he did for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Nikki: I kinda like you a lot

Juan Pablo: Really.

Nikki: Yea.

Juan Pablo: How come?

Nikki: I just do


Juan Pablo:  What is a lot means?

Nikki: More than a little

Juan Pablo: And what is a little?

Nikki: Not very much.

Juan Pablo: Okay

Nikki: Um, I feel comfortable with you. You know, I feel excited and just myself

Juan Pablo: I like that

Nikki:: Yeah?

Juan Pablo: A lot.

Nikki: How much is a lot?

Juan Pablo: More than a little.

Nikki: And how much is a little?

JP: A little just a bit.


I swear to you, I think Juan Pablo is getting his moves from the boys in Camilla’s preschool.

Kat tries to endear herself to Juan Pablo with a heartbreaking tale of her father’s drinking, but sadly, doesn’t get the rose. Probably because their conversation didn’t end with Kat passing him a note that read, “do you like me? Check one.”

Next week, the remaining ladies head to sunny Miami, and I’m pretty sure Sharleen’s going to prove what a badass she is by blowing this whole charade up.

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Sharleen’s asymetrical dressWeekend Max Mara


Kat’s black lace dressExact: Asos

Similar: Keepsake (pictured)


Clare’s turqouise triangleForever 21

nikki-slirtScreen Shot 2014-02-12 at 4.26.34 PM

Nikki’s sequin skirtSimilar: Express


Sharleen’s fringe swimsuitL*Space

Andi’s gray coat (I know!)H&M (no longer available)


Sharleen’s dangle earringsStella Dot

cassandra-jacketScreen Shot 2014-02-12 at 4.52.00 PM

Cassandra’s pleated leather jacketBCBG


Andi’s plaid shirt JCrew (slightly different pictured)

22 thoughts on “Bachelor Fashion: episode 6 New Zealand

  1. Emily

    could you find out where Clares gold rectangle bar necklace is from?!

    1. Anonymous

      I think its from a seller in etsy!

  2. Shay

    Hi Dana!
    I am wondering if you could ID the pink blouse that Clare wears before she changes for Juan Pablo into those sweats. I really liked it… mostly for the colour. Too bad it only lasted a few seconds before she picked the tighter white tank.
    Thanks so much!

  3. carin

    This: It’s basically so tight and narrow that I half expect them to run into James Franco sawing off his arm in 127 hours.

    This: it was like that faux humble thing that Taylor Swift does at every award show ever where she feigns surprise and all the girls are like, “go write a song about Juan Pablo, or something.

    And the entire transcription.

    voiding. omg. you made my day – thank you. xoxo

    1. AP

      Yes, ditto that! So funny, I don’t even need to watch the actual show this season, thank goodness.

  4. tegan

    Two questions… Where was Sharleen’s final rose ceremony dress in Vietnam from? And where was Claire’s coat and white sweater from in New Zealand by the river? Thanks!

  5. Jianna

    Juan Pablo has an ear fetish! Big time! Every time he talks to a girl he puts their hair behind their ears. So annoying. He has to see their ears! Watch for it!

    He also touches their ear lobes when he kisses them. He scares me.

  6. Katie

    I was wondering if you have any details about Clare’s gray coat?

    1. Anonymous

      Express HAD one very similar in December. I’m thinking it was that one. Very cute!

      1. Courtney

        Claire borrowed Andi’s H&M coat, or vice versa. I have the same exact coat and it’s pretty amaze.

  7. ddd

    Please keep writing! I really like it. And I hope David Sedaris will do reading on Bachelor! I already can hear his voice 🙂

  8. nan

    I can’t seem to get that link to ASOS work on Kat’s dress but I love it! Help?

    PS juan pablo’s conversation with Nikki is priceless

  9. Cerise

    Sharleen is wearing a one-piece too! Nice recap! 🙂

  10. Michelle

    Where Clarie’s green shirt in the picture from?

  11. Lesley

    I loved Sharleen’s Rose Ceromony look! And that Tribal skirt of Nikki’s … I have been in love with that skirt for a long time (and it’s on sale!).

  12. Lucy w

    Does anyone know the brand and color of sharleens lipstick in this eps?!? Amazing

  13. Penny

    Would really love to know where to find the unusual silver three-pronged earrings Sharleen wore – not sure but I think it was with the asymmetrical Max Mara dress. Thanks you!

  14. Bethany

    I’m all about the one-piece suits! Also, didn’t know that about “down under” either. That conversation with Nikki killed me.

  15. Samantha

    I second the request for Clare’s red/pink blouse from her one on one date!

  16. Lori

    Can someone I’d Andi’s gold wrist watch?? I want one…I LOVE IT!!!!

  17. Beth Carpenter

    Can you please tell me where to find Clare’s white maxi dress with the collar and ruffles on the chest from the most recent episode (ep. 9) ?????? I LOVE it !!

  18. Tanya C.

    For anyone still looking for Andi’s grey double breasted jacket from h&m they just got it back in stock for fall 2014!

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