Bachelor Fashion: Juan Pablo’s First Rose Ceremony fashion

Last night was the premiere of season 97 of the Bachelor (or so it would seem.) And this year ABC trotted out 27 single ladies, not one of them named Beyonce, in the hopes of finding love, and furthering their illustrious careers as dog lovers and free spirits.

Lacey tried to leave a lasting impression with an Rx for love but Juan Pablo couldn't swallow that pill
Lacey tried to leave a lasting impression with an Rx for love but Juan Pablo couldn’t swallow that pill

And boy, what a motley crew they were. From the recently dumped Lauren whose fiance called it off via telephone, to Amy the masseuse who gave the most awkward rubdown since Phoebe agreed to massage Monica on Friends.

There was no lack of secondhand embarassment. Lacy, dressed like she’d just come from Disney on Ice explained to Juan Pablo that she’d stopped by Cupid’s Pharmacy, and handed him a large bottle of pills. Oh the disappointment to find out the drugs were actually red hots, which are not only totally useless for self-medicating, but also the world’s worst candy.

Lauren explained that she’d been dumped. By her fiance. Over the phone. But she’s totally over it, which we could all tell from the way she wouldn’t stop crying during the entire episode.

If you’d asked me the worst part of last night’s Bachelor, I would have told you it was Kylie Lewis’s bubble gum pink dress.

Kylie pulls a Paz De La Huerta, matching her dress, lipstick nails and hair. Alas, it’s not a match for Juan Pablo

But that was before I saw the rose ceremony. In what could possibly be the (cue Chris Harrison impression) most awkward moment in Bachelor history, Juan Pablo called Kat’s name, and Kylie walked up to accept the rose. Even Lucinda, a girl so laid back she didn’t even wear shoes (aside: that’s freaking gross, Lucy. You need to wear shoes in the Bachelor Mansion. At all times.) mouthed the word “ouch,” as Kylie realized her blunder.

I’ve often wondered what makes a person go on the Bachelor. Do they not have friends to set them up? After watching last night’s Bachelor, I can say definitively that most of these women have no friends. Because friends don’t let friends go on TV looking like they are the victim of a Bedazzler driveby.

This is my promise to each of you future Bachelorettes, and current Bachelorettes who will appear on the Women Tell All: I am your friend. I will help you. Please remember this: just because it sparkles doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

Here are some of the better looks from last night’s Bachelor fashion:

andi-bachelor-fashionScreen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.47.52 AM

Andi Dorfman’s white lace dress

Urban Outfitters


Nikki’s studded black gown (available in black, too)

Sherri Hill


Christines emerald dress

Mayda Cisneros

kat-bacherlor-fashionKat's red long dress on the Bachelor

Kat’s long, red dress on the Bachelor

Herve Leger


Lucy’s white and beige maxi dress (also worn by Jennifer Lopez)



Danni’s one shoulder dress

Michael Drummond (Project Runway) custom dress

clare-bachelor-fashionclare's dress on the bachelor

Clare’s Magenta rose ceremony dress on the Bachelor

Badgeley Mischka


Kelly’s red maxi dress

Nicole Miller

roseceremony BCBGMAXAZRIA-women-dresses-368

Victoria’s yellow dress


sharleen-joynt-dress-bachelorScreen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.38.29 AM

Sharleen’s open back dress

BCBG (old)

Earrings: Alexis Bittar (also old; similar pictured)


Andi’s v-neck blue dress

Halston Heritage


23 thoughts on “Bachelor Fashion: Juan Pablo’s First Rose Ceremony fashion

  1. Kait

    So… Andi is the one to watch this season. Loving her.

  2. Lauren

    I knew Danni had style – Love the custom dip-dye dress! As for Nikki I think that was the favorite for me and Lucy had no business trying to measure up in a “worn after J. Lo” dress. Looking forward to whoever has that lime green dress from the previews…

  3. Tracy

    Yes – I agree with most of your picks. The pink froth was the worst. But the massage lady’s (Amy) dress was the worst-fitting. Yuck. I also did not like Victoria’s yellow dress – the color and texture were just not my thing. There was a blonde who had a really pretty grey/silver-ish dress that I liked though!

  4. Jessica

    Well said, Dana, thank you! I was looking forward to your blog post about last night’s episode and agree with every word.

  5. Bethany

    I kept thinking of you every time I saw Kylie. Can’t Bachelor hire a dedicated contestant stylist??

  6. Marnie

    Yes, I agree with your choices! Although she seems to have guzzled too much of her own Kool Aid, Andi is gorgeous and seems very fashionable! And, while I agree that Sharleen’s dress was stylish, what was with the ‘tude? If I had a back like Nikki’s, I would wear that dress every day. Every. Damn. Day. Gorgeous.

    My only complaint is I would have liked to see someone wear a short dress instead of the gown look just as a way to switch things up.

  7. Suzan

    I’m so shocked that Victoria’s yellow dress is BCBG! That’s one of my favorite brands, and I thought that was the most unflattering, hideous-looking dress. Maybe she just picked the wrong color.

  8. aubrey

    Hello! Love your site! Any ideas on Clare’s bar necklace? It looks like she’ll be wearing it all season. I love it!

    1. Dana Weiss

      Yes. She got it on Etsy. Not sure which artist, but I’ll let you know if I find out.

      1. Sharon

        Which necklace is this

  9. aliza

    Love Amy (although I did not like her at all, and was not sad to see her go)’s green dress from the second episode rose ceremony.. Any chance you can identify that for me? Thanks!

    1. Jamee

      I echo your thoughts. Loved that dress. Any clues??

  10. Jessica

    Any idea on Sharleen’s earrings from last night???

  11. Heather

    I’m sure I know how you felt about Elise’s dress from the first night but my friend wants us in dresses just like that for her wedding. Do you happen to know who the designer was? Any help is appreciated!

  12. Susie

    WHERE can i find sharleen’s dress that’s pictured here! Looked everywhere and can’t find a trace of it.

  13. Sara

    Do you know where you can get the emerald Mayda Cisneros dress? I want to wear it to our next Marine Corps Ball.

  14. David

    Hey everyone my girlfriend and I were watching the bachelor the other week and she fell in love with the earrings that Sharleen was wearing at the rose ceremony. It was season 18 episode 5. Any help would be amazing thanks

  15. Lisa Johnson

    Fell in love with the dress Sharleen wore on her last one on one date before she left the show. Where did she get it?

  16. Florie

    On last night’s BACHELOR; Sharleen wore a gorgeous beige dress for their evening date. It was mid-length and the front was a little see through as well as the sides. Who designs that dress; where can I get it and is there a bra sewn in the front or does one just go braless.


  17. Sheila

    On the episode 2/25 (overnight stay), Claire is wearing dangling silver hoop earrings with turquoise and coral stones. Can you tell me where to buy these?

  18. Anonymous

    last episode, the final rose, Clare is wearing these georges green statement earrings. do you know where these are from?


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