Elena Gilbert Vampire Diaries layered necklace

 elena-necklaces-vampire-diaries vampire diaries layered necklace

Vampire Diaries fashion

Elena’s Vampire Diaries layered necklace

Lucky Brand

Elena Gilbert of Vampire Diaries has graduated from keggers and kool aid to keggers and blood. As the first vampire in her family to go to college, Elena has a lot of expectations to live up to. Fortunately her high school bestie, and fellow bloodsucker, Caroline Forbes is there to drag her to frat parties and disguise otherworldly murders as roommate suicides.

I guess this means Caroline and Elena will both get straight A’s this semester.

See what else Elena (Nina Dobrev) wore on The Vampire Diaries

vampire diaries fashionFlat Boots Vampire Diaries

Elena’s flat boots on The Vampire Diaries

All Saints

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