Claire handbag Modern Family Fashion

claire-sweater-modern-familyclaire's orange sweater modern family

Claire’s orange sweater on Modern Family


I love it when a show breaks that fourth wall and addresses the audience. It’s one of those rare moments when the show aknowleges the audience, and no show does this better than Modern Family.

One of the most frequently searched for topics on Possessionista is Cam’s shirts . Last night’s episode aknowleged the fashion of Modern Family, Cam’s iconic shirts and Haley (Sarah Hyland’s) omnipresent bosom:

Haley: “I don’t really like the shirts with the crazy cuffs.”
Cameron: “Oh, I’m sorry. Could you push your boobs down? Because I couldn’t hear you.”

It’s the way that Modern Family addresses the audience that makes us feel like we’re in on the joke.

Now if only they’d lend us their clothes.

See what else Claire (Julie Bowen) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) wore on Modern Family


claire handbag modern familyModern Family Handbag

Claire Handbag Modern Family

Claire’s brown satchel handbag on Modern Family


modern family fashionclothes from Modern Family

Haley Dunphy black ankle boots

Rag & Bone Harrow Bootie

One thought on “Claire handbag Modern Family Fashion

  1. shehlla

    Thank you for helping me find that handbag!

  2. Amy

    Thank you so much for identifying where some of the character of Claire’s wardrobe can be found!
    I loved every single thing she wore in this week’s episode, where can I find her navy button-down shirt, jeans and loafers?

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