American Horror Story Coven Fashion

fashion-american-horrorCordelia's black and white floral tee

American Horror Story Coven style

Cordelia’s black and white floral tee

Rebecca Taylor (on sale)

I am so happy American Horror Story is back. And I’m doubly happy that it’s set in this decade so that I can write about its fashion. At the helm of American Horror Story Coven fashion is Lou Eyrich, the original costume designer of Glee (I know!) who created the iconic looks of Emma Pillsbury and Rachel Berry, and now has created the enviable style of four loose cannon witches in the most recent chapter of American Horror Story.

As always, Lou has an impeccable eye, with a mix of high and low fashion, vintage finds and unexpected details that make this season of American Horror Story not only the scariest, but arguably the most stylish.

Check out the fashion from the American Horror Story premiere, and then let me know in the comments below what you thought of this week’s episode. I loved it!


Madison’s beaded gown

Vintage Bob Mackie

American-Horror-Story-fashionMadison's dress

Madison’s metallic bandage dress

Herve LEger


Madison’s long sleeve black dress: Vintage

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Hat: Topshop


Zoe’s mesh dot midi dress


Zoe’s mesh inset dress: Topshop

7 thoughts on “American Horror Story Coven Fashion

  1. Anon

    I would never think to look to AMH for fashion.

  2. Chelsey

    Oh my word! I’m am absolutely obsessed with this show (and have been since it’s inception). And I have a feeling this will be my all time favorite season. New Orleans, witches, and witchy fashion! What could be better? I found the black boots from the teasers are Prada, but I was wondering if anyone knew where the wide brimmed black hats could be found?

  3. Nicole

    Any idea where they got the Jessica Lange’s black umbrella from Coven episode 1?

  4. ShyAnn

    I want to know where every single outfit Cordellia wore in the season finale can be found. Help please!

  5. Louise

    Where can I find the ring Zoe wears throughout the season? I think it’s like a half ring that fits around or something help!

    1. Trina Jacobs

      If you find out please do tell…I’ve been Looking everywhere for this ring! Ty

  6. dsands

    any idea where to buy the mask Jessica wears as a Dominitrix?

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