True Blood Sookie’s white lace dress

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Sookie’s white lace dress


See it on sale at Urban Outfitters

There are shows I watch for fashion. And shows I watch for content.

And while True Blood usually falls into the latter, there are sometimes moments that catch my eye in True Blood and I think to myself, “I would sell my blood to a vampire to get my hands on that.”

Over the years, there’s been a number of Sookie Stackhouse sundresses that I’ve coveted, but sadly, most of Sookie’s sweet wardrobe are custom made by True Blood costume designer Audrey Fisher. Luckily, for once, the fairy luck is on our side, because this week, Sookie Wore a lace drop waist dress that isn’t just available, but it’s on sale at Urban Outfitters.

Love the exposed zipper on the back? You’re out of luck. True Blood designer Audrey Fisher added the bronze exposed zipper to the Urban Outfitters frock making it truly one of a kind.

Not unlike Sookie Stackhouse herself.

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