Bachelorette Fashion episode 3 Desiree Hartsock


Brian has a secret: He has a girlfriend

Desiree Hartsock has a secret: She’s not wearing any pants.

I think someone at the Bachelor is actually trying to kill me.

On flesh toned legging at a time.

You know it’s bad when Ryan Bowers tank top makes a cameo and it’s still not the worst look of the week.

Here’s this week’s Bachelorette Fashion, with a quick reminder that a post does not constitute an endorsement.

Looking at you, nude leggings.

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it’s back…

des-fringe-sweaterScreen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.23.23 PM

Des Hartsock white fringe sweater

Free People

See it at ShopBop


Desiree blue jeweled neck rose ceremony gown

Designed by Desiree Hartsock (love it or hate it? Comment below)


Desiree Hartsock striped wedges (also seen here)

Jessica Simpson

See them at 6PM

More sizes available on Amazon


Des green ring

Robyn Rhodes Bailey Ring

des-pleat-tank   LW1C05S_5747_3

Des Hartsock neon yellow tank



Des Hartsock neon pink jacket

Victoria’s Secret

First ID here

32 thoughts on “Bachelorette Fashion episode 3 Desiree Hartsock

  1. Alison S.

    That dude tank top is terrible! I wish it would have been Ben that had the girlfriend…I don’t care for him. Plus, besides that terrible man tank, he had hot pink swim trunks on that made his waist and lower half of his body look so small. He has odd proportions! Those really light colored peachy skinny pants were not great!

  2. Kay

    hated the rose ceremony dress! the color was beautiful, but it looked like someone’s bead box threw up all over her chest. WAY too heavy on the beading – I couldn’t even focus on anything else while watching.

    1. Marlene

      Totally agreed!! Nearly spit out my tea when I read the bit about her bead box throwing up all over her chest. So funny, so true!!

  3. Karen

    I cannot deal with the man-tanks. This whole season feels like watching Jersey Shore.

  4. Kacy S.

    I loved Desiree’s blue dress!! Very very pretty! And Ben needs to burn the tank top! UGH!

  5. Veronika

    I loved her ceremony dress. She seems like a great designer, I hope she has lots of success with her work.

    1. Anonymous

      Loved it too

  6. Sharon

    Des either hits a home run or strikes out. I eitherLove or hate her fashion. I have to say in a non hateful way, this is the most boring Bach ever.

  7. Kari

    I LOVED the blue ceremony dress….HATED…pretty much everything everybody else wore the entire episode. The flesh colored pants are the worst..with Ben’s tank top a close second.

  8. Cristine

    I just knew she designed that ceremony dress herself! Honestly, it was terrible. The scary pointy jewels looked like they were trying to slowly strangle her, and even though she has a rockin’ body, the shiny, ill-fitted satin was doing her no favors. This was a sad episode in the history of Bachelorette fashion…man tanks, man V-necks, and those awful leggings. Yikes.

  9. Alix

    Des’ dress is gorgeous. Loved the color especially!

  10. t61

    I’m with Kari. The dress was gorgeous. Everything else was terrible, terrible, terrible. Terrible.

  11. Brooklyn

    Love Desiree’s blue rose ceremony dress. Thought it was unique and beautiful.

  12. Liah

    The rose ceremony dress was the only item Des has worn thus far that I have liked. It framed her statuesque body in a great way. That being said, I miss Emily Maynard and Ashley Hebert’s bachelorette fashions. They were some stylish bachelorettes.

  13. Lolo

    Her fashion really leaves something to be desired *heehee pun!*. Agree that previous Bach’s were so fun to watch mainly because the fashion was awesome…loved Jillian Harris too

  14. Kats

    I hated the blue rose ceremony dress – it made it look like her chest was at her waist.

  15. Cerise

    The nude leggings were just baaad.

  16. Cerise

    And I think the nude leggings were waaaay worse than Ben’s tank!

  17. Karen

    Makes me miss Jillian Harris. Sigh….

  18. BreeAnn

    As bad of a decision the flesh toned leggings were… She looked amazing in them!

    The rose ceremony dress was pretty, but very pageant.

  19. Jill

    What about Des’ dress from the post-dodgeball party?

  20. Liz

    umm, Des cannot dress to save her life. can we please get the girl a stylist? doesn’t that come with being the Bachelor/Bachelorette? homegirl needs to take some cues our girl Emily Maynard……the season could not be any more boring, so my guilty pleasure is now Pretty Wicked Moms 🙂

  21. lindsey

    blue dress was hideous… prom/pageant nightmare! nude leggings – never flattering, even when you clearly are off carbs!

  22. Lindsay Blake

    The rose ceremony dress was just all kinds of wrong. As were the nude leggings. Des needs a stylist, stat!

  23. Liz Torres

    Yawn – so bored with this season already. The dress was not my favorite definitely leaves something to be desired.

  24. Christine

    Loved the blue rose ceremony dress! Des looks good in just about anything except those awful flesh tone leggings. What was her stylist thinking (I think his name is Cary?) I don’t think those would look good on anyone. I remember that terrible tank on Ryan and it surely did not look any better on this guy nor did the pink shorts! Kind of reminds of Ben who never seemed to wear anything but cheap looking tanks. Not a good look on any guy! Great comments Dana!

    1. Kelli

      I didn’t care for the blue rosé ceremony dress. Too matronly for such a beautiful young girl. I agree this season is a little snooze worthy. My fav bachelorette to watch style wise were Emily, Jillian, and Ally.

      1. Samatha

        Ya emily had $350,000 to spend on clothing she better look good! other girls didnt get that much

  25. Kristen

    Her rose ceremony dress was TERRIBLE. Ow. My eyes.

  26. Will

    Does anyone know where Bryden’s green/turquoise plaid shirt in the above picture is from?

  27. Jessica

    I like Desiree’s rose ceremony dress! The bejeweled collar is pretty and the shape is unique. What I’d love to buy is her red dress she designed that she wore on the first night of Sean’s season of The Bachelor!

  28. Nikki

    Please post the finale dresses! I loved ALL of them!

  29. Tiffany

    Can you tell me where Desiree got her dress from her date with Chris at night in the season finale part 2? It’s a long dress that is red on top and a pattern towards the bottom

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