Olivia Pope bathing suit on Scandal

olivia pope scandal style bathing suit from Scandal

Scandal Fashion

Olivia Pope bathing suit on Scandal

black and white cut out bathing suit

Jets by Jessica Allen

You know when there are red flags in certain relationships. Does your partner keep his/her texts a secret? Does s/he disappear without explanation for hours or even days? Is s/he already married?

These are all red flags.

But when your boyfriend hires a dude to sit outside your front door, or threatens to have the FBI take you prisoner, I think it’s time really evaluate where you hope this relationship will end up.

Seriously, Olivia Pope, are you looking for marriage?

Or waterboarding?

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oliia2Olivia Pope fashion

Olivia’s hooded wrap

Donna Karan

See it at Neiman Marcus


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