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Mistresses fashion: Jess Macallan’s earringsbracelet and ring

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I think besides the Bachelorette, I’m most excited about Mistresses. (I love Alyssa Milano. Yo Angela.) And, yes, I know there’s some controversy regarding glamorizing the “other woman,” but really wouldn’t it be hypocritical of me to jump on board?

I mean, my favorite show’s premise is about a guy who cheats on all 25 of his girlfriends at the same time.

So really, who am I to judge?

Infidelity isn’t the only thing Mistresses has in common with my beloved Bachelor franchise. Actress Jes Macallan wears jewelry by designer Robyn Rhodes for several promo pictures – the LA jewelry designer is a favorite of Bachelorettes Ashley Hebert, Emily Maynard and Des Armstrong.

So it’s pretty fair to say, she won’t be judging either.

Check out Mistresses on Mondy June 3



3 thoughts on “Mistresses fashion preview

  1. Patty

    Looking for the cascading ball shaped turquoise necklace the hostess at Savannah Kitchen had on the last episode. Looking for where to find this necklace

    1. Dana Weiss

      I don’t know if it’s the same brand, but this necklace looks just like it http://southernwhimzy.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=71

  2. Claudia

    Do you guys know where I could find Savys phone case?

  3. Lois Saxon

    Savi’s fashion (green cocktail dress, beige shoes & bag and rhinestone with emerald )

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