Hayden Panettiere cotton commercial dresses and sweaters


Hi! My roommate and I adore Hayden’s outfits in the new Cotton commercial. Where can we find her dresses (the white one, the yellow one and the red one) and that cute sweater she’s wearing? Thanks!

Hayden Panettiere’s breakout role may be Juliette Barnes on Nashville, but when it comes to her style, her latest Cotton Commerical is topping the Possessionista charts.

Cotton Inc’s latest starlet – joining the ranks of Zooey Deschanel and Emmy Rossum – features a countrified music video of the quippy Cotton jingle about the fabric of our lives.

Not to mention the fabric of my entire wardrobe.

Check out Hayden Panettiere’s Nashville style here

hayden2Hayden Panettiere lace dress

Hayden Panettiere lace fringe cotton commercial dress

Stella McCartney

hayden3Hayden's yellow dress cotton commercial

Hayden Panettiere yellow dress cotton commercial



Hayden Panettiere tribal sweater

Anthropologie (on sale! MY favorite)

 hayden5Red Dress Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere cotton commercial red dress

Red Valentino

7 thoughts on “Hayden Panettiere cotton commercial dresses and sweaters

  1. Jaime @ laviejaime

    I want to LIVE in this commercial. the website is really cool and interactive too for shopping the pieces and add-ons.

  2. Courtney

    I was wondering when someone was going to ask about these looks. I love them too. It’s a shame the white fringe dress a few thousand bucks, cause it’s amaze!


  3. Meghan

    Anybody know about the brown cowboy boots with the pink flower from the cotton commercial?

  4. Jess

    I always liked that white cotton dress she wore in that commercial, she is always dressed so cute and a perfect representation of petite girls. I always get inspired by her clothes and then visit dress stores to see if anything catches my eye. I’m definitely going to try and find something similar to that white dress!

  5. Anonymous

    Is this the real website? Where I can buy clothes?

  6. Tiffany Newman

    where can I get those closet doors

  7. anthony goins

    Please, where can I get those closet doors for my new wife she so wants them. It would be such a great surprise gift. Thank you.

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