Des Hartsock print dress on Bachelorette


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Des Hartsock polka dot and floral dress


Thanks Leslie for the ID

You know, when Emily Maynard was the Bachelorette, she was rumored to have a quarter million dollar wardrobe budget. And while I suspect that number was highly inflated, if I’m Des Hartsock I’d probably be a little frustrated at the inequity of our Bachelorette wardrobes.

Unless this is the part of the fairy tale where Cinderella sleeps by the fireplace.

And shops at Target Greatland.

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7 thoughts on “Des Hartsock print dress on Bachelorette

  1. Brooke

    Who cares how much their wardrobe’s cost? Personally, I’d rather see the Bachelorette in Target dress anyway. At least it’s something most women can afford!

  2. Veronika

    What’s wrong with shopping from target? I used to order clothing for a posh fashion store, and I kid you not, that sweaters that you buy for $100+ are often bought wholesale for $15 or less.

    These clothing items of various brands are often made side by side in some factory in china, india, or elsewhere.

  3. D

    I’m kind of glad it’s from Target. I hate when everything they wear is out of my price range. :-/

  4. Erin

    Good. I hope it continues. I find ridiculously high priced clothes annoying. I wouldn’t buy them even if I could. I find this much more inspiring. I can see something I like, go to Target and buy it without any guilt!

  5. Dana Weiss

    I agree with you guys as a consumer. I love that her clothes are attainable. But if I were Des, I’d be like, “where is my Louboutin glass slipper?”

    1. Tami

      but even Emily M packed her Louboutin because the show could not afford them for her,

  6. Elyssa

    Can we all agree the dress is ugly and left over from my HS closet circa 1998?

  7. Marjie

    Her two tanks, one blue, one green ( with contrasting trim) were both Old Navy, my daughter paid $7.00 for hers in blue.

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